vivoka hospitality voice assistant

A voice assistant in your hotel: the solution to cope with the rise of AirBnB ?

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The hotel industry is a sector in full transformation. The last 10 years have seen the emergence of new trends in consumer lifestyles, implying de facto a noticeable imbalance between supply and expectations. For example, the presence of the smartphone in consumers’ daily lives has made them more autonomous and impatient. Added to this are the first responses to these evolutions: new forms of tourist accommodation. 80% of 18-35 year olds have already used AirBnB, competing with the traditional hotel industry, which is now trying to reinvent itself.


With this increased and diversified competition, the new customers of tourist accommodation are losing commitment and loyalty, due to a plethoric and little differentiated offer, combined with a visibility dependent on Booking and other platforms.


The heart of this battle is no longer focused solely on a price war. Today’s customers are above all looking for an experience without constraints. Therefore, dominating the digital transition, through quick check-in or breakthrough technology, is paramount.


In this white paper we will show you how to create a technological and experiential breakthrough that will allow you to differentiate yourself. Through real-life customer cases, we will discuss the prerequisites for developing complementary resellers, building customer loyalty and communicating your brand identity with the Intelligent Voice Assistant.