In full expansion, and even at the heart of the battle of the connected assistants, what are the current and future challenges facing artificial intelligence? A look back at William Simonin's intervention on Tech&Co's set by BFMTV on the technological developments of tomorrow. Discover the next steps that will allow voice assistants to better understand users on a daily basis. In the end,

Artificial intelligence as we know it is not something to be feared, quite the contrary. Several speeches tend to incriminate it for various reasons such as the loss of jobs or the loss of humanization. However, in reality, the contributions of this technology are a real godsend for mankind. Added to this are numerous fictions such as iRobot, which offer a more

    Since the rise of modern computing, human has never ceased to want to communicate with the machine, like a real consecration in the field of HMI (human-machine interaction). As you probably already know, it is possible to interact with different systems through programming languages developed and used for several years. However, this communication remains very virtual. The machine's understanding of natural language, in English NLP