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“By 2020, one request in two will be done by voice

Vivoka’s technology is able to interface wherever you want.

We adapt it according to your needs to improve your users and customers experience.


Illustration of our Real Estate Promotion Solution Vivoka
Illustration of our Hospitality Solution. Vivoka
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We are aware that every company is special.


Adagio City Aparthotel is a subsidiary of the famous Accor hotel group, for which we are rethinking the customer’s experience during their stay. By intelligently combining voice recognition and connected objects, we are able to offer residences that can be entirely voice-controlled, on the one hand, and grant access to concierge services on the same basis as the services surrounding the hotel, on the other hand.

We have implemented a solution capable of facilitating the actions of individuals within their apartment with a view to maintaining them at home. Simulation of presence, different alert feedback but also control of connected devices to voice, we offer seniors extended autonomy thanks to a complete range of connected equipment designed for this purpose.

A French subsidiary of the Casino group, Leader Price uses our expertise to create an innovative e-commerce application that incorporates voice as a new interface. By effectively coupling Natural Language Processing and artificial intelligence, we offer users an unparalleled search capability, allowing them to find the right product, at the right price, at the right time.

We are rethinking the hotel experience through voice in order to provide a 2.0 concierge solution to Neho Group. We want the hotel of tomorrow to be in harmony with its surroundings. Thus, from booking a taxi or restaurant, through room services, to the latest news and the weather displayed on TV, everything is designed to improve comfort during the stay, inside and outside the hotel.

Our speech recognition technology is integrated into the home automation solution designed by Otodo through our API. This synergy makes it possible to control many connected devices by voice, in a fast and intuitive way, in order to offer a new dimension to the Smarthome.

We are developing, for the world leader in connected labels, a voice solution to improve the in-store experience. We provide a voice assistant who will accompany customers to obtain information (price, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free…) on the available products and their location on the store shelves by making the labels react relatively to each reference.

We provide an intelligent voice dictation solution to facilitate professional reporting. Combining Speech-to-Text and Natural Language Processing, this technology is intended for banking and financial players. She is able to transcribe and interpret business vocabulary, in order to drastically reduce the time required to write their content.



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