Create your voice assistant in 60 minutes.

What is the VDK ?

The Voice Development Kit (VDK) is a multifunction software development kit, combined with an intuitive graphical user interface, specialized for voice technologies.

It allows any company and any developer to configure a voice assistant, embedded and cloud, composed of one or more technologies (transcription, synthesis, word wake-up …) in record time. The complexity inherent in the technologies and associated plugins has been abstracted and optimized thanks to our know-how.

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These sectors use the Voice Development Kit

Remove the complexity of voice solutions ?

With more than 5 years of experience in the field of voice, our observation is simple: evolving from standard interfaces to voice interfaces is very complex for companies today. Finding a solution that is efficient, adapted to the need, easy to use and to integrate (on average 6 months to complete a project) is a real challenge.

The number of different technologies required, their non-adaptability and their own difficulty are all reasons to choose the Voice Development Kit.


Reduce the investment costs of your innovation project with VDK.

With the VDK, you’ll need less development time, less training required, one prestatary, one software: all to simplify your projects and save you money.


Improve the time-to-market of your voice projects.

As mentioned in the previous point, the VDK allows you to create your voice features in record time. Usually it takes about 6 months to complete a project, this time is divided by 3 with VDK.


Have access to state-of-the-art embedded technologies.

The VDK contains the state of the art in embedded voice technologies, usually extremely complex but now simplified. You will find transcription and speech synthesis engines for example.

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