Voice recognition and NLP : the Machine’s Whisperer

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Since the rise of modern computing, human has never ceased to want to communicate with the machine, like a real consecration in the field of HMI (human-machine interaction). As you probably already know, it is possible to interact with different systems through programming languages developed and used for several years. However, this communication remains very virtual.

The machine’s understanding of natural language, in English NLP (Natural Language Processing), quickly proved to be essential in order to renew this way of communicating. Originally very focused on text recognition, the research quickly turned towards the recognition of the human voice, as soon as technical progress made it possible.

By 2020, 40% of consumers will prefer interactions with a voice assistant


Today, talking on the phone, on the computer or even at home is becoming more democratic and has never been so simple and ordinary.

Put it this way, it sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Yet the complexity behind this technological achievement is real.

Discover through this dossier, the origins of the NLP and its presence in our daily lives, its functioning and foundations, the way it is articulated with other technologies and its contributions in general.