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You will never believe that artificial intelligence…. #2

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Can paint a work of art estimated at half a million euros.


Artificial intelligence being more and more useful and relevant in many fields and on different supports, it is on the side of painting that it decides this time to make its own marks. It is the portrait of a stocky, very dark man, dressed in black, with an empty gaze in a slight artistic blur, which is represented here, as on a real painting that would have been painted in the 19th century.


The portrait imagined by artificial intelligence.


Les membres de l’équipe de chez Obviousà l’origine du logiciel, en sont les plus étonnés. La toile étant d’abord estimée entre 7000 et 10.000 dollars selon la maison Christies. La vente aux enchères a pulvérisé les premières estimations avec un montant de 432.500 dollars pour l’acquisition de cette oeuvre.


Called “Portrait d’Edmond de Belamy”, this portrait was created with the aim of democratizing creation through artificial intelligence. Nearly 15,000 classic portraits were needed to feed and train the AI to enable him to “understand the rules of portraiture”. It is thanks to a new type of algorithm developed by a Google researcher, Ian Goodfellow, that this was possible. It then made it possible to generate a series of new images. The collective Obvious later admitted that it had used part of the code developed by another artist, Robbie Barrat, who had shared it under an open source license (readable, usable and modifiable by all).


For the anecdote, the signature at the bottom right of the work represents the equation that made it possible to create this work


It remains to see whether this technique should be considered as a a work in its own or a simple effect of mimicry. The name of the buyer, who participated in the sale, was not disclosed.