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You will never believe that artificial intelligence…. #3

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“Good morning, everyone. I am an artificial intelligence. I will work tirelessly to keep you informed.”


“Unrelenting”, those are his words. As you know, the news never sleeps. The Chinese television channel, Xinhua, took it at its word. By partnering with the Sogou search engine, these two actors have developed new types of presenters, able to work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, without feeling the slightest exhaustion or showing any sign of being exhausted. This innovation was first presented at the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen on November 7, 2018, here is a demonstration.



In reality, there is not just one, but two artificial intelligences that have appeared on television, one in English, one in Chinese. Both proved to be able to read a text with a semblance of intonation and comment on the images in front of them, just like a real presenter. In order not to upset traditions, AI keeps its mimicry by taking on the (very faithful) appearance of a human. Zang Zhao, a famous Chinese actor, appears in the English version, and Giu Hao, a journalist for the Xinhua channel, appears in the Chinese version. The resemblance is such that Xinhua reported that they have made the AI a full member of the team, thus putting aside its nature.

Year after year, evolution is becoming more and more noticeable: the technologies that surround us are becoming more human. In any case, it is a real boon for the Xinhua chain, which allows it to optimize its costs while maintaining its productivity through its tireless presenters. Offering a record amount of on-air time, do you ever think that these artificial intelligences will become the new standard for the media?