Each company has its own particularities and will use the voice in a specific way.

That’s why we developed the first customizable vocale recognition solution.

1. We study your project.

  • We analyse for you the feasibility of your project
  • We draft the specification
  • We give you a feasibility report
  • We carry out the complete road map

This step provides all the necessary elements for starting.

2. We design your solution

  • We implement the fundamental functions
  • We test and validate these features
  • (Optional) You perform an intermediate test
  • We adjust the whole system so that it is operational
  • (Optional) We can create your platform (web app, mobile application etc…)
  • We deliver the POC to you to test the technology

This step allows the first technical tests to be carried out and the first functionalities to be validated.

3. We build your pilot.

  • We implement your functionalities
  • We have your end users testing
  • We make a general adjustment
  • We deliver the prototype to you

This step allows you to access a preview of the final version

4. We’ll take care of the final details.

  • We correct the desired aspects
  • We optimize your system
  • We set up your dedicated servers
  • We have the final version tested and delivered to you

This step offers you the finalized solution, to be tested in a reduced sample.

5. We deploy your technology.

  • We will provide you with a suitable tutorial
  • We deliver the application to you and your users

This step finalizes the entire project.

Offer you the voice