Your voice has no limit

  • Add everything to make cookies
  • Call the customer service
  • Turn on all the lights in the living room
  • When is next train for Paris?

Give life to your applications and products by providing voice recognition!



Get a head start

From 2020, one request out of two will be made by voice*. Get ahead of your competitors by offering from now your clients the ability to navigate on the interface of the future.

Finally understand your clients

Detect every client intention thanks to very precise statistics feedbacks. Our services guarantees data security, confidentiality and integrity

Your time is money

Make your clients save precious time! Vocal recoginition makes the human-machine dialog more fluid. Lola is able to divide by 5 the time spent on every medium

We take care of everything

Vivoka offers a ready to use solution thanks to a custom-made integration of Lola with all your interfaces.

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