Company Name: CareOS
Date: Dec 2020
Technologies: Multilingual ASR

CareOS is a privacy-by-design, intuitive open platform that works naturally into your care, beauty and health rituals. To enhance the capacities of its products, CareOS uses the Voice Development Kit to turn its device into a voice-activated mirror.

Voice-activated mirror built with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Voice control enhances ergonomics and usability for a touchless and intuitive use.

User experience and technology adoption is greatly improved by the interactivity offered by voice.

CareOS, driving innovation in health and well-being

CareOS is an open, intuitive and confidential platform that fits naturally into everyone’s hygiene, beauty, well-being and preventive care rituals. Its philosophy is to combine technology and innovation with people and practices to bring about simple changes in the areas it practices.

The CareOS voice-activated mirror is a real technological innovation. These new everyday objects evolve in the same way as their user’s. Originally touchscreen-based, they are now equipped with speech recognition for greater ergonomics and possible uses. This is possible thanks to the ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) provided by Vivoka in its product the Voice Development Kit

A voice-activated mirror proudly powered by Vivoka

Our embedded voice technology (without an internet connection) allows CareOS to vocalize the actions its users can perform to complement touch. Decreasing the use and improving ergonomics allow the mirror to be used without hands, often taken in this context, with a private by design solution (without data transfer).

The voice commands thus realized and integrated (switching on/off the light, browsing the menu, executing tasks…) are developed from the Voice Development Kit, Vivoka’s development kit. In particular, it was used to configure an ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) engine embedded in the mirrors with minimal use of the devices’ processor.

The main advantage of vivoka’s technologies is their ability to operate completely offline while using the CPU as little as possible.  This privacy by design aspect gives us an important argument for our products intended for individuals, while offering powerful functionalities with a seamless integration.  Also, the support of many languages makes vivoka and its technologies the ideal partner to achieve our technical and commercial goals.

Ali Mouizina


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