Offline Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Embedded engine to produce real-time synthetic voice (Text-to-Speech) to vocalize your use cases with natural voice-based feedbacks.

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What is Text-to-Speech ?

Text-to-Speech, also known as voice synthesis or Text-to-Voice, is a technology used to create real-time voice in order to dictate configurated text. These synthetic voices can be selected according to language, genre and quality.


Human language is filled with many particularities that make it as rich as complex. To produce the most accurate human language, parameters such as pitch, speed, power, emotion and word pronunciation can be customized.

Natural Voice Feedbacks

Text-to-Speech is a key component of the speech-enabled interfaces due to its feedback role in the human-machine interaction. Along the user experience improvment, voice synthesis is a great tool to enhance service and product accessibility for visually-impaired individuals.

Some use cases made real with Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Text-to-Speech is the other end of voice interactions, giving conversational AI the ability to answer the users back with human-like voices. Applications are endless as well as the benefits, from branding to usability.

Voice User Experience

Create human-like interactions with voice assistants by giving them natural voice to answer and interact with users.

Voice Information System

Use voice synthesis to generate customized voices to provide clients or users with voice information in addition to traditionnal displays.

Voice Accessibility

Make products and services available to anyone, including the visually impaired thanks to natural voice synthesis.

A technology available inside the Voice Development Kit

1. Choose your voices and languages

Select your favorite voices and languages within our large range of resources (+60 languages, +110 voices) to meet your use case expectations.

2. Test and add SSML to customize

Use sample texts to try different voices in different languages in order to benchmark the best mix. Customize your selection with SSML to change tone, height, pitch, timber and more…

3. Save and export your voices

When the expected results are reached, save your voices and export them in order to integrate them inside your products and devices.

Language coverage

Our voice technologies are available in more than 65 languages (and 200 different voices) to voice-enable your products and services wherever you need them to be deployed in the world. Here are some of them.

English (US)

English (UK)