Embedded Wake Word

Voice-activate your products or services with fully customizable and embedded wake word.

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What is Wake-up Word ?

Wake Word is a passive listening system that has only one objective, to detect the keyword assigned to it. The main interest of this tool is to save the resources used by activating the actual listening of the user only when the wake word has been recognized.


On-device technology that is internet independent and therefore will not record nor transfer voice data outside its main purpose.


Choose a keyword that identifies with your brand to ensure your image and notoriety. The chosen keyword(s) must be as unique as possible in the spoken language to avoid accidental triggering.

Benefits of our Wake-up Word technology

Multilingual Support

Our solution is able to work with 36 different languages, the most commonly spoken (English, Mandarin, Spanish….) in order to scale your solution worldwide.

On-device Embedded Solution

A Wake-up Word is a totally embedded technology that does not rely on internet connection or 3rd parties. It is therefore Private by Design and GDPR-Compliant

Lightweight Technology

Our technology occupies a minimal CPU load to operate. This capacity comes from its compact design, specialization, and the technical performance of the tools used to create it.

Fully Customizable & Proprietary

Engage your users with your own branded wake-up word. Increase brand affinity and loyalty everytime someone interacts with your products or services using your name.

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Standard ports and Tools

  • Android (version 6.0 API 23)
  • Linux: x86_64, armv7hf, armv8
  • Windows: x86_64


Tech Requirements

Our Wake-up Word solution is an embedded technology that is made to be integrated into devices. To do so, these products need to meet specific criteria to handle the technology and make it work properly to perform your use case.

Frequently Asked Questions on
Wake-up Word

A few things to know…

Behind the simple wake-up word feature lies a complex technology. We cover some of the recurrent topics about it in order to give you insights.

How to make a good performing wake word for my use case?

You need to find words that are simple (easy to remember), uniform (doesn’t change) and unique (not causing false-positive).

What are the technical specifications for a wake-up word integration?

Wake-up word specifications are essential for its integration. To get access to this information, please contact us.

Does the wake word listen and record everything said?

Our solution work by passively listening (not recording) their suroundings until they detect the keyphrase/word.

Are there any risks of false-positive while using wake words?

Any risks can be lowered at its maximum. Choice of wording will determine its robustness and the probability of a wrong activation.

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