Bringing edge voice capabilities to connected AR Smart Glasses, when Voice and Vision meet

We gathered AR Smart Glasses experts to discuss with our team about the close relationship between voice and vision technologies. We mashed the whole conversation inside a 30 minute long webinar that offers condensed insights, information and data provided by industry specialists.

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What will you learn from this ?

How voice is complementary with vision and how the solution was designed and developped with the Voice Development Kit ?

In addition to vision and even hearing, voice is changing the way users are adopting the devices thanks to major UX improvements.


What the voice commands actually look like in the use of the different Smart Glasses from Vuzix ?

We showcase a large amount of demonstration of different voice commands in multiple scenarios. A picture paints a thousand words.

What other voice technologies could be of some interest for wearables such as Smart Glasses ?

Voice commands are only the first step in the new era of cognitive interactions. The scope of voice technologies goes far beyond that.

We gathered a fine team of experts to this occasion

To cover such a complex topic that voice technologies and vision-based wearables are, we had to gather the perfect team. We picked between our different customers and partners the best speakers to provide you with top content and high-value insights.



Director of Software Engineering @Vuzix

Ingrid MAES

Ingrid MAES

Senior Sales Executive @Vivoka

Guillaume CAMPION

Guillaume CAMPION

VP Product & Partnership @AMA

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