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Who we are

Vivoka is a French leader in AI voice technologies founded in 2015. Thanks to its VDK (Voice Development Kit), Vivoka offers an all-in-one solution that enables any company to create its own high-performance, secure embedded/offline voice assistant in record time.

Vivoka has won several innovation awards and has established leading partnerships with major players in the voice market. Vivoka has a portfolio of about 100 customers from all major industries and is pursuing its goal of bringing people closer to technology through voice.

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Use Cases

Explore what they created with our technologies

VDK helps companies around the world to create amazing features for their solutions.
Innovations made real with our solutions are described into detailed use cases for you to get inspiration from.

Newsroom & Media

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We love to give our thoughts on specific topics regarding voice.
Our role in this field is to educate and promote the adoption of our technologies.


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We are proud to have a strong network of partners in VoiceTech.
These relationships are helping Vivoka to promote its technologies and improve their capabilities.