Work with us

As part of the deep tech industry we are constantly looking for new talents and passionate people to support our ambitions. If you want challenges, an always evolving field and company, you might be interested to join us.

Making Voice the best way to interact

5 years was the time it took Vivoka to become a reference in VoiceTech. This position was born out of a strong desire to offer companies an opportunity to create new methods of voice interaction. Improving the interface between man and machine through speech recognition has always been the guiding thread of their work throughout all these years.

Our mission

Democratizing voice assistants and interfaces by giving companies adapted tools to achieve their goals

Impact the Voice market

Gaining notoriety and authority in an always evolving field composed of big tech and many ambitious actors

Worldwide ambitions

From France to the world. Our reach is not meant to stay close to us physically, our ambitions go across borders

Open Positions

We are looking for people with passion and ambitions. Voice Tech Developers or Marketers are welcomed at Vivoka in order to achieve its growth goal.

Sales & Marketing

Sales Engineer / Sales Executive

As part of its constant evolution, Vivoka continues to recruit to extend its sales team. We are looking for ambitious and passionate people that know how to sell and what they sell.

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Dev & Engineering

C++ Developer

As part of its constant evolution, Vivoka continues to recruit to extend its tech team. We are looking for developers with strong interests and ambitions in voice technologies applications.

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Chief Innovation Officer

As part of its constant evolution, Vivoka is further developing the Voice Development Kit and its related projects. You will manage projects/teams and be in charge of the good innovation’s continuity at Vivoka. You will lead technical partnerships, call for projects and subsidies application.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Vivoka

A few things to know…

Vivoka has now 5 years of experience in an innovative and complex industry: voice. Since the beginning we have faced a lot of challenges and this is thank to our fabulous team.

Where are you based?

Vivoka is a french company based in Metz. We also have presence in Paris and other european city like Milan.

Where do you see Vivoka in 5 years ?

Regarding our current growth, Vivoka in 5 years will be one the world leader in voice tech applications for companies.

How many employees are you ?

At the moment, we are between 25 and 30 passsionated and ambitious people in the field of voice. Maybe you are the next one ?

What benefits of working at Vivoka?

We have talentend people that share common values in a family-like company where friendship combines with work-relationships.