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Speech-to-text: uses & evolution

Speech-to-text: uses & evolution

Speech-to-text (or automatic speech recognition - ASR) and voice technologies in general have become indispensable features in upcoming products and/or services. Already existing ones will also benefit from being updated with this new ability. Whether you already...


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    Bringing edge voice capabilities to connected AR Smart Glasses

    We gathered AR Smart Glasses experts to discuss with our team about the close relationship between voice and vision technologies.


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    The new VDK will leave GAFAMs speechless

    The new VDK will leave GAFAMs speechless

    New AI-based development kit reinforces Vivoka's mission to facilitate access to privacy-friendly voice technologies. Metz - July 10, 2022 - Vivoka today announced VDK Silbo, a comprehensive AI-based voice technology solution that makes it very easy for companies to...