Voice use cases: our customers' success stories

Discover some of the most innovative voice use cases built with the Voice Development Kit and its on-device voice technologies.

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Focus Field #1

Industry 4.0, Logistics & Supply Chain

Use Cases

  • Pick-by-Voice solution with headsets
  • Assisted Maintenance, repairs, operations (MRO)
  • Voice biometrics for property access


  • Productivity Boost
  • Increased Safety (Hands-free)
  • Tasks Accuracy
  • Faster Process Onboarding

Focus Field #2

Smart Glasses & XR Wearables

Use Cases

  • Voice navigation in Wearables’ OS (Operating Systems)
  • Voice dictation in VR Headsets Software Evaluation
  • Text-to-Speech for On-Device Audio Feedbacks
  • Custom & Branded Wake-up Words
  • Microphones’ recording quality enhancements
  • Specific vocabulary voice commands


  • Hands-free capabilities
  • Improved UX (user experience)
  • Enhanced safety during use
  • Intuitive navigation and controls

Focus Field #3

Field Services & Maintenance (MRO)

Use Cases

  • Specific vocabulary voice inputs in mobile application
  • Voice assistant for guided maintenance and repair operations (MRO) or quality controls
  • Letter & digits spelling for counter/meter readings


  • Data quality and accuracy (writing skills disparities)
  • Increased safety (Hands-free)
  • More intuitive UX (user experience)

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Other Use Cases

In case you did not find what you were looking for, voice AI can be interesting in

Kiosks & Displays

  • Voice commands and navigation on kiosks.
  • Audio feedbacks using custom TTS.
  • User authentication or identification with voice.


  • Voice commands for medical devices.
  • Voice instructions for practicians.
  • Monitoring health and technical data with voice.


  • Hands-free device controls using voice commands.
  • Voice assistant for recipes and instructions.
  • Branded voice experience with custom wake word.


  • In-game voice commands (e.g. Plane’s controls).
  • Gaming instructions using Text-to-Speech voices.
  • Voice biometrics for quick player login system.


  • Voice commands in vehicles and training or simulation systems.
  • Real-time voice information (TTS).


  • Voice picking and inventory management.
  • In-store voice assistant for customers’ entertainment and support.

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“Vivoka’s technologies have been integrated into our solutions dedicated to Human Factors in industry, guaranteeing performance and data confidentiality.”

Guillaume Jégou

Head of the Human Factors Technology Laboratory

"Vivoka’s solutions can run offline, on-device, to operate anywhere, anytime and with a broad language support capability which is for our products a distinct competitive advantage."

Paul Travers

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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"We partnered with Vivoka on several innovative projects on embedded Linux system, and delivered, in a very short time, multi-lingual natural voice interactions fully running “at the edge” to our customers."

Cédric Vincent

VP of Technology

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