We are Vivoka

From an ambitious VoiceTech startup to a grown business challenging even the biggest players on the field, Vivoka is continuously evolving.
Discover our values, ambitions and what we are doing to achieve what we put daily efforts in.

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From Start-up to Scale-up in the field
of Voice Technologies

Vivoka is a French company with 6 years of expertise in the field of voice technologies (speech recognition, voice synthesis, voice biometrics…).
Its objective is to create, develop and provide relevant solutions that are adapted to companies wishing to adopt in voice interfaces in their business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support any company or developer who wants to develop a voice-based product or service by providing an easy access to the best voice technologies available. This is made real thanks to the Voice Development Kit and the company’s strong expertise in all field related to voice.

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Our Ambition

In a world where voice technologies are continuously progressing, we want to be recognized as the the number one provider and partner that companies put trust in. Vivoka thrives to be one of the foundation of the voice revolutio by fueling advances in both innovations and markets.

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Our Philosophy

We see Voice as the way to bring us closer to technology thanks to its natural intuitivity and near-unlimited intent potential. With major advances and innovations in hardwares and softwares, the future we imagine has never been closer, being able to have human-like interactions with everything.

Recognized voice solutions and expertise in the world

Our work in the field of voice is officialy recognized by different awards from various technical, institutional actors and influencers. We are proud of this recognitions as this marks the success of our development and engagement.

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Trusted in various fields by 60+ companies around the world

With more than 5 years of experience in voice technologies for company-size projects, Vivoka has gathered a lot of applied know-how in several business domains and disciplines. Our technologies and services are able to scale independently regarding number of users, geographical regions or technical requirements and specificities.

Partner with some of the biggest voice and IT companies

Our continuous growth gives Vivoka credits to find partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the field of voice and other (design, hardware…). Also, this is thanks to them that Vivoka is able to have more reach and provide its Voice Development Kit to its clients around the world.

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Why should you trust Vivoka for your projects ?

r&d Focus

We run several R&D project inside Vivoka to enhance current technologies’ potential and create new solutions to provide our clients with.

business knowledge

We bring technology closer to businesses with an approach focused on making things work and add value to your organization through our experience.

expert support

You are not alone. Our teams are experts in the technologies you will work with. They will help you make your project a reality.

Upfront pricing

Your business model is ours. The way we integrate into your costs is totally seamless, we proprose flexible subscriptions or per-device royalties.

Strong partnerships

We have partners who trust us and with whom we collaborate on innovations, developments as well as customer project integrations and success.

Voice Design Skills

With 100+ voice projects, our teams have a lot of experience in Voice User Experience (VUX) as well