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What you need to remember about Vivoka

Vivoka is a company born on the strong belief that voice should not only be the way we exchange between humans. It should be the way we interact with the world. From this prism, we strive to be the leader in AI voice technologies. Our mission is to offer the most powerful all-in-one solution for industry that enables any company to create its own high-performance, secured and offline voice assistant.

Our vision

Bringing humans closer to technology with the power of Voice and Artificial Intelligence.

Our mission

Offering humans the easiest way to interact naturally with the technology around them.

Our ambition

Becoming the global leader in AI voice technologies and support companies in their most innovative projects.
How it started

Discover our journey from day one

It all started with a vision, that everyone should be able to have its own Jarvis. Yes, not only Tony Stark should enjoy such a cool virtual assistant. At the time, the race to the best voice assistant was not even born, it was the beginning of it all. As there was nothing close to Jarvis, we decided that we should create our own voice assistant.

As most of the projects that give birth to startups, we began with a proof of concept, our own smart home solution. It quickly got its own avatar, a small racoon named Zac. From this first success that picked interests from different companies, we decided to extract its intelligence to build our own software. This is when we helped a lot of European companies to design, build and deploy their own voice assistants.

But it wasn’t that easy. Due to the (near)unlimited amount of project specificities, we kept facing obstacles. Different budgets, different noise environments, different technical stacks, different roadmaps and hardware complexities. For each and every one of our customers… Our company strategy was not scalable at all by then.

An idea slowly emerged from all the time and effort we invested: create a software so that companies can do everything by themselves, in record time and simplicity. It answered a lot of our problems, but not those of a lot of our customers.

Indeed, we were a cloud-oriented company at the time. Focusing only on the power of cloud computing and processing. This was until we got more familiar with the world of embedded technologies and its features… Stars were aligned, the VDK (Voice Development Kit) was on its way. A solution born from our technologies, our expertise and our customers’ reality.

Rapidly scaling from a software prototype to a solution used by more than 50 leading companies, the once “smart home” solution is now an all-in-one answer to the complexity of adopting voice in businesses.

Today, we are proudly empowering fields from supply chains, retail and consumer electronics to medical facilities, defense and aeronautics. Our technologies keep evolving, becoming smarter and easier for companies to harness their potential. We are Vivoka, you will keep hearing from us.

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Reasons to believe

Why should you choose Vivoka to voice-enable your company?

We innovate

Most of the team is made up of the best VoiceTech engineers and researchers whose sole purpose is to always improve our solutions.

We support

Hundreds of customers around the world already trust us and hundreds of thousands of licenses are already voice-enabling all major industries.

We protect

Confidentiality and security are preserved any time. Our technologies, from their design, will always keep your data safe.

We adapt

The way we integrate into your costs is totally seamless, we propose flexible subscriptions or per-device royalties.
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VDK helps companies around the world to create amazing features for their solutions.
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