About Vivoka

From an ambitious VoiceTech startup to a grown business challenging even the biggest players on the field, Vivoka is continuously evolving.
Discover our values, ambitions and what we are doing to achieve what we put daily efforts in.

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What is Vivoka ?

Vivoka is a French company with 5 years of expertise in the field of speech technologies (speech recognition, voice synthesis, voice biometrics…). Its objective is to offer relevant and adapted solutions to companies wishing to invest in voice interfaces for their business.

To this end, Vivoka covers all the emerging needs of a voice project through a solution: the Voice Development Kit. It is a development kit with a graphical interface that enables companies to develop and integrate embedded voice technologies in a simple and fast way. Vivoka also has development and integration skills to support and train its clients to reach their goals.

international clients and partners

available languages for ASR, TTS and WUW

years of experience in VoiceTech

research and development laboratory

Your voice has no limit

This is Vivoka’s motto since 2015 when it first started to develop speech features. Initialy IoT-oriented, the company quickly aimed for customized applications and projects. Experience gained through theses years gave us vital insights on the “Voice” market.

Technology expertise

Mastering every technology is an asset we are proud of and that serves our work.

Industry understanding

We helped many clients along the years, thus gaining experience in different business fields.

Our ambitions

Now that the Voice Development Kit gains maturity, we know that its features are the key to make speech applications global. This software is made to evolve with new technologies and customer needs. Our goal is to be the “voice” that every company need and want to use.

The “Voice”

Voice Interface will refer to Vivoka in the coming years

N°1 tech partner

Our clients will build our trustiness worldwide

Our services


We run a R&D department to find and improve the upcoming innovations in the field of Voice tech.


Our team gather tech experts with high skills in computer science to develop use cases.


5 years of experience in many clients’s projects including hardware or software architectures.


Our teams has strong abilities in Voice User Experience and Interfaces.



You are never alone. Our experts support you from the start of your projet until the end.


Need more knowledge and skills in voice-related applications ? We are happy to share it with you.

Your project has never been that close to its solution!

Browsing through our projects and technologies might have give you some insights about the possibilities you have by working with us. We can further help you to achieve your goals.

Our fabulous & passionate team

Our project was able to unite talents and enthusiasts around the same vision. This talented, relentless team, capable of lifting mountains, is the pillar of Vivoka’s success and its solutions.



Co-founder & CEO

Develops Vivoka’s strategic orientation, vision and its growth

Vincent LEROY

Vincent LEROY

Co-founder & CTO

Manages Vivoka’s technical pole and its various innovation projects