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Voice Development Kit is a speech recognition software specialized in offline voice technologies. It allows companies to easily and quickly integrate speech-to-text, language processing and voice synthesis into their applications and devices.

Voice-enabling Speech Recognition Software

The Voice Development Kit (VDK) is a speech recognition software development kit specialised for voice technologies. Coming with an intuitive graphical user interface, it allows any company and any developer to configure an embedded voice assistant or interface composed of one or more technologies (transcription, synthesis, grammar management…) in record time.

The complexity inherent in the technologies and associated plug-ins has been abstracted and optimised inside our speech recognition software. Today, VDK is powering the innovations of many players in various business areas who trust us as their voice tech partner.

Our technologies and voice solutions

With 5 years of experience in the field of speech recognition software, we cover every need related to voice integration. More than a partner, we power our clients projects in order to develop voice adoption around the world.

Voice Development Kit Studio (GUI)

All-in-one software development kit for  embedded voice technologies

Embedded Voice Synthesis (TTS)

Automatic generation of multilingual natural voices that runs offline on device

Automatic Speech Recognition Engine

Technology used to turn voice into text or commands automatically

Custom Wake-Up Word Generator

Easy tool to generate multilingual wake word to embed in devices

About Vivoka

Vivoka is a French company with 5 years of expertise in the field of speech recognition software (automatic speech recognition, voice synthesis, wake word…). Its objective is to offer relevant and adapted solutions to companies wishing to invest in voice interfaces for their business.

To this end, Vivoka covers all the emerging needs of a voice project through a solution: the Voice Development Kit. It is a development kit with a graphical interface that enables companies to develop and integrate embedded voice technologies in a simple and fast way. Vivoka also has development and integration skills to support and train its clients to reach their goals.

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international clients and partners

available languages for ASR, TTS and WUW

years of experience in speech recognition softwares

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Our latest client’s use cases with our speech recognition software

Discover our work and technologies through clients case studies that showcase the use ans benefits of voice. We are proud to power our clients innovations with our speech recognition softwares and technologies.

Your project has never been that close to its solution!

Browsing through our projects and voice solutions might have give you some insights about the possibilities you have by working with us. We can further help you to achieve your goals.

What our clients think of our collaboration

We put efforts in building sustainable and trustfull relationships with our clients. We are building the future of VoiceTech together.
Being able to showcase their testimonials is a real pride for us.

Interoperability between several solutions must be invisible to the user. This is the challenge! Today, ZBOS embeds TTS (Text To Speech) and ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) solutions. In this sense, we have found with Vivoka a technology that works very well, reliable and up to our needs and challenges.

Tommy Deblieck

Co-founder & CEO, Zorabots

The main advantage of vivoka technologies is their ability to operate completely offline while using the CPU as little as possible.  Also, the seamless integration and support of many languages ​​makes vivoka and its technologies the ideal partner to achieve our technical and commercial objectives.
Ali Mouzina


Our objectives with NEHÔ are simple: to transform an ordinary stay into an experience that involves, brands and builds customer loyalty, through its quality. In this sense, Vivoka’s voice technologies, will allow to considerably broaden the scope of services available to the NEHÔ Group’s customers.

Pascal Araud-Razou

Project Manager, NEHÔ-GROUP

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