Automatic Speech Recognition

Create complex vocabulary voice commands with our embedded grammar-based and Private by Design Automatic Speech Recognition technology.

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What is Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) ?

Automatic Speech Recognition is a technology used to create reliable voice commands. Closely related to speech-to-text, it takes the solution further with specific intent comprehension thanks to a grammar-based design.

Complex Vocabulary

Grammar creation allows to build a corpus of complex and field-related words or expressions that can be recognized with high accuracy.

Phonetic Personalization

Phonetic design is the logical extension of grammar creation in order to tailor the way words are supposed to be recognized, thus granting a higher efficiency when using complex vocabulary such as names.

Some use cases made real with Automatic Speech Recognition

Creating intuitive and innovative voice commands is the foundation of voice interactions.  Automatic Speech Recognition’s possibilities are endless to reinvente processes and user experiences with value and ease of use.

Complex Names Understanding

Create specific names and complex words corpus to be recognized by the Automatic Speech Recognition engine.

Accurate Digits Recognition

Grammar creation allows to tailor the way digits are recognized by the ASR engine in order to process order reference, phone numbers or licence plate for instance.

Reliable Voice Commands

ASR allows to use voice commands for action-related tasks (supply chain, industry, maintenance, report…) on which users can truly rely on.

A technology available inside the Voice Development Kit

1. Create your grammar file

Start by using the Grammar Editor widget in the Voice Development Kit to create your own corpus of vocabulary and voice commands.

2. Test and optimize with phonetic

Try your voice commands directly on the widget, choosing the right language and adjusting the recognition with phonetic modification.

3. Export your solution and integrate it

When meeting your expected results, you can export your file that you will be able to integrate inside your device.