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Voice Dictation, with its ability to recognize and transcribe spoken language into punctuated text, is revolutionizing the way professionals across various industries manage their daily professional tasks.

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Getting familiar with the technology

With our Voice Dictation Solution, all you have to do is talk! Our cutting-edge dictation system effortlessly transforms spoken words into perfectly punctuated text, mirroring the fluidity of free speech but with the added clarity of punctuation and casing, giving you the freedom to work and dictate anywhere—even without an internet connection. Whether you’re in a remote location or a place with a weak connection, our Voice Dictation technology works effectively ensuring you can get things done.

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Our Voice Dictation is 4x faster than typing!*

*As we write an average of 40-50 words per minute and speak 160-200 words per minute.

Our solution, enhanced by the latest advancements in machine learning and AI, offers a seamless, efficient method for document creation, note-taking, and information processing, ensuring a smooth and productive user experience. It allows you to dictate your speech easily and accurately and avoid time loss.

Choose speech over text and gain in time and effectiveness.

Speech dictation has made it possible to dictate text effortlessly, transforming speech into accurately punctuated text faster than traditional typing. This innovative approach allows users to dictate their speech easily. Elevating productivity to new heights. With software incorporating voice typing features, the power of speech text conversion is more accessible than ever. 

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Discover our use cases

Voice dictation technology is invaluable across multiple sectors:

Voice Dictation for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, every minute saved can translate into more attention given to patients and better overall care outcomes. 

Effortlessly dictate patient notes, which are then transcribed into accurate text with ease

Our customers using voice dictation now have a powerful ally in their quest for efficiency and accuracy. By simply speaking, health professionals can effortlessly dictate patient notes, which are then transcribed into accurate text with ease. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures that vital information is captured with precision.

A Solution that is Powered by Sophisticated Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Consider a scenario where a doctor, during a busy schedule, can dictate patient information on the go. Our technology, powered by sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning, transforms spoken words into written text on the move, optimizing the documentation workflow like never before.

Offering More than just Time Savings

The impact of voice dictation technology is profound, offering more than just time savings. It enables healthcare workers to focus more on patient interaction and less on administrative tasks, significantly optimizing daily operations. Doctors can manage multiple patient encounters more effectively, dedicating additional time to reflection and care rather than documentation and typing.

Integrating this technology with Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software enhances data accuracy and streamlines team coordination.

Voice Dictation for Manufacturing Industries and Field Services

In the sectors of Industrial, Manufacturing, and Field Services, Voice Dictation Technology is transforming the landscape of auditing, machinery inspection, safety compliance, and report compilation.

From closely examining equipment and ensuring safety standards to the detailed documentation of findings

Traditionally, these tasks required meticulous manual efforts, from closely examining equipment and ensuring safety standards to the detailed documentation of findings, all of which are pivotal for maintaining operational safety and efficiency. However, these processes were often time-consuming and susceptible to human error.

Conduct and Report Audits with unprecedented Speed and Accuracy

By leveraging voice dictation, professionals in these fields can now conduct and report audits with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Industrial auditors, for instance, benefit from a hands-free, eyes-free method that allows them to transcribe observations, findings, and recommendations directly onto their digital device, mobile app or software as they work. This innovative approach not only saves time by eliminating manual note-taking and data entry but also enhances safety by allowing auditors to maintain their focus on the inspection task without distractions.

Convert every spoken words into actionable insights on the go

Similarly, field service technicians experience a revolution in how they compile reports. With the ability to convert spoken words into actionable insights on the go, voice dictation ensures that every detail is captured accurately, transforming a once cumbersome task into a swift and precise operation. This technology brings a new level of depth and precision to operations, ensuring nothing is lost in the transcription from the warehouse floor to the final report.

Overall, the integration of voice dictation into these industries marks a significant leap forward in operational efficiency, safety, and the quality of documentation, making it a game-changer for professionals across the board.

Voice Dictation

for Aviation and Transportation

In this high-stakes arena, voice dictation is soaring to new heights, revolutionizing pre-flight checks and reports with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Report issues while keeping eyes on what really matters—the safety and readiness of the aircraft

Voice dictation enables our partners in the aviation sector to report issues while keeping their eyes on what really matters—the safety and readiness of the aircraft. This hands-free approach not only speeds up the process but also enhances the accuracy of these critical checks. Real-time updates ensure that every detail is captured precisely when it matters most, keeping flights on schedule and maintaining the highest safety standards.

Transforming Industries Far and Wide!

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The usefulness of Voice Dictation: 

Gain over 15 hours of your precious time!*

*A study by Krishnaraj et al. (2010) found that after introducing a speech recognition system, the average time to complete reports in a department dropped from 28 hours to 12.7 hours.
This finding supports earlier research by Koivikko et al. (2008), which reported that speech recognition can reduce the time to complete tasks by more than 80%.


Enhance productivity and Streamline your Workflow
Our Dictation technology is designed to enhance productivity and streamline your workflow, eliminating the need for manual typing and enabling you to concentrate on your most important tasks. This ensures not only an efficient completion of tasks but also liberates you from repetitive chores, allowing for a focus on creativity and strategic thinking rather than typing.

Efficiently Capturing Every Word

We all understand how crucial punctuation and casing is and how it can completely alter the meaning of a sentence. You won’t have to worry about taking notes anymore, Vivoka does it for you! You can trust that every word you say will be effectively captured from the meaning of the sentence and that every sentence will be punctuated, cased and typed out for you accurately.

Using Domain-Specific Vocabulary with our Solution

This solution additionally incorporates a feature that enables the utilization of domain-specific vocabulary, ensuring optimal performance across various industries regardless of the complexity of the terminology employed.


Offering Ease and Relevance

Our solution stands out as one of the best Voice dictation technologies, enabling efficient voice to text conversion with the added convenience of the touch keyboard.  All you have to do is talk to the microphone and see your text transcribed directly with zero effort. 

Enabling Hands-free Operation

By using our Voice dictation technology, users can convert their spoken words and phrases into written text on their device, software or mobile app, enhancing productivity and enabling hands-free operation.

Transcribe User-friendly and Accurate Content

It’s the best solution for those in need of a transcription that’s not just accurate, but also reader-friendly. Imagine speaking naturally, and our system captures your words, punctuates them, adds the appropriate casing to the words, and presents the text back to you in no time. With our solution, you’re not just speaking into the void; you’re seeing your thoughts laid out in text, mere moments after they’re voiced.

At its core, voice dictation technology uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning models to accurately transcribe spoken words into text. Gone are the days of typing and note-taking; our dictation solution makes digital transcription accessible to all. This innovation is particularly beneficial for professionals seeking to streamline their documentation processes and enhance productivity. And the best thing is that everything runs locally, therefore directly on your device, software or mobile app. This means that your data stays with you, not in the cloud. This means that your voice typing keyboard remains operational and functions just like a standard keyboard, regardless of the situation.

Plus, our solutions are designed to work with most systems, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Voice control can be used with other voice solutions to create the best combination for your interface, such as: 

Voice Synthesis

Empower your devices, apps, or software to respond with audible feedback, offering users a spoken reply instead of visual cues or signals. This enhances the user experience by providing a more intuitive and natural way to interact with technology.

Speech Enhancement

This feature serves as an advisable partner to Voice Dictation, especially in noisy environments, swiftly purifying speech from any noisy backdrop to ensure your voice is heard clearly and accurately.

Wake Word

This is a very singular word to wake your interface. The most famous ones are Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple, or OK Google. Here, you can create your own Voice Assistant name!

Voice Biometrics

• Voice Authentication: Secure actions can be initiated based on the presence of a user’s voice sample within the database, offering a personalized and secure method of interaction.

• Voice Identification: This technology distinguishes users through their unique vocal characteristics, allowing for seamless recognition and personalized responses from the machine.


Why should you choose our secured Voice Dictation solution?

Boost productivity

Imagine cutting down the hours you spend typing to just minutes. Voice dictation does exactly that, freeing up your time so you can focus on what really matters. It’s like having a personal assistant who types as fast as you can speak, streamlining your workflow and enhancing your focus on tasks that truly require your expertise.

Accuracy you can count on

our Voice Dictation solution is more reliable than ever. It effortlessly understands and transcribes complex jargon and terminologies, ensuring your documents are precise and professional. This level of accuracy is crucial for maintaining high-quality documentation that you can trust.

Inclusivity at Its Best

Digital documentation should be accessible to everyone, and voice dictation makes this possible. It breaks down barriers for individuals with disabilities, offering a user-friendly solution that empowers everyone to express their thoughts and contribute equally. This is a step forward in creating a more inclusive digital world.

Elevate Documentation Quality

In sectors like healthcare, the stakes for documentation quality are high. Voice dictation ensures that patient records are thorough and detailed, supporting better decision-making and improving care outcomes. It’s about providing the best care by documenting every detail with the highest accuracy and efficiency.

Voice Dictation, the solution that you need:

Voice dictation technology is an essential tool for modern professionals, offering inclusivity, accuracy and high quality outcomes. The potential for voice dictation to further innovate professional practices is boundless. Whether it’s for research, field reports, journalistic writing, medical documentation, or legal work, voice dictation provides a competitive edge, allowing professionals to dictate their insights and discoveries anytime and anywhere! Even in environments with no internet connection. Allowing them to focus on what truly matters in their work.  The future of professional practices looks bright with voice dictation, as it continues to innovate and redefine what’s possible.

Whether you’re using voice commands to select text, insert phrases, or complete forms and documents, our solution ensures easy access to a wide range of functionalities and can be easily integrated cross platforms. Our technology enhances your ability to efficiently manage your digital tasks. With our solution, you gain the freedom to navigate and edit documents, and reports effortlessly, leveraging speech to dictate text as never before. Embrace the future of professional productivity today and start transforming your workflow with the power of voice. Start using Speech dictation and forget about the use of traditional keyboards. 

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