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The first specialized software development kit that gathers all the required embedded voice technologies to create an end-to-end offline voice solution.

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Voice-specialized software development kit (SDK) for embedded systems

The Voice Development Kit (VDK) is a multifunctional software development kit combined with an intuitive graphical user interface specialized for voice use cases. It allows any company and any developer to configure an offline voice solution composed of one or more voice-based technologies (transcription, synthesis, biometrics…) in record time.


Equiped with an intuitive graphic user interface

Numerous plugins are to be used in parallel to carry out the creation of voice functionalities. With VDK, everything is on the same software and the same interface in one view. Access every offline voice solution and powerful tools very simply.

Development processes have been rethought through the VDK. From the grammar setting, through the code, to the testing and integration phase, everything takes place on the VDK Studio.

VDK Software View Voice Assisant Assistant Vocal
VDK Software Speech View Plugin


A complete range of widgets to build with

Grammar Editor, COPFile Editor, Voice Studio… All these tools are at your disposal for the different stages of creating offline voice features: creating recognized vocabularies, customizing synthetic voices, managing dynamic files…

In order to quickly test and benchmark solutions, SAM is a tool imagined and developed to create any functionnal offline voice commands in a minimum amount of time.


Tutorials and clear documentation to guide you

It is often complicated to find your way around in the early stages of creating a voice interface. To reduce this complexity, tutorials (creation of an ASR, a TTS…) are available to accompany you step by step in the development of your offline voice solution.

The most popular use cases are associated with example codes to facilitate the understanding of the technologies. For more complex cases, complete documentation and our services are available through the Voice Development Kit platform.

VDK Software Speech View

Available widgets
inside the VDK

Technologies inside the Voice Development Kit

The Voice Development Kit contains a complete range of voice technologies, from voice commands to biometrics through synthesis or speech signal modification. Pick one or more technologies to begin with.

Wake-up Word

Easy tool to generate multilingual wake word to embed in devices for system activation


Continuous and multilingual voice transcription to automaticaly turn voice into text

Automatic speech Recognition

Grammar-based voice commands for voice interactions that contains specific vocabulary


Automatic generation of multilingual and customizable voices that runs offline on device

Voice Biometrics

Authenticate and/or identify users with light and reliable on-device voice biometrics models

Audio Front End

Technology to evaluate the speech signal quality and apply specific sound filters to improve it

Why should you chose the Voice Development Kit?

Among many different voice solutions, the technologies inside the Voice Development Kit have perks that can drastically fit your project more than other providers, here is why.

Offline Reliabilty

No Internet connection, no problem. VDK’s technologies are robust enough to work in remote locations or environements with poor connectivity, so you can take advantage of voice interaction anywhere with full functionality.


Hardware Flexibility

The Voice Development Kit is the first embedded voice interface that adapts to your exact use cases with a perfect polyvalence regarding MPUs or other electronics, branded or proprietaty.


Privacy By Design

VDK’s technologies run locally and on-device, with no end-user voice data transferred or analyzed in the cloud. Our privacy safeguards at the product, algorithm, and business-model level enable compliance with the strictest data regulations.

multilingual conversations

Technologies inside the VDK understand and respond to you naturally in multiple languages. With deep voice integrations for the space around you, enjoy the smoothest way to interact with your devices.

Upfront Pricing

Don’t get lost in cost per request, master your budget with a one-time, per device license fee that keeps your costs predictable. Other business models are available such as subscription, it depends on your project’s nature.

Cloud-level Performance

Our low-latency voice interface performs dramatically better than cloud solutions, while running in real-time on a more efficient power footprint. Vivoka achieves cloud-level accuracy on the edge across a rich set of use cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the
Voice Development Kit

A few things to know…

Voice Development Kit can be a complex software to understand and adopt. We cover some of the recurrent topics about it in order to give you insights.

How many language are available to use in the Voice Development Kit?

+30 for ASR and Wake Word, +60 for TTS. If you want the complete list of languages, please contact us.

Which programming languages are used to develop with VDK?

For nom, C++ is the main languages available. For mobile devices, Java (Android) and Swift (iOS) are to be used.

What are the technical specifications for integrating VDK's technologies?

Voice Development Kit’s specifications are essential for its technologies integration. To get access to this information, please contact us.

Is there access to documentation and help to use the tools?

Complete documentation is available with the VDK’s interface. Multiple tutorials are also at your disposal to help you.

Do you provide support and formation for our tech teams?

Our experts can provide complete support to help you with building your projects. Knowledge shared stays with you.

Is there any interest in using the VDK for a single offline voice solution?

Developing with many technologies is as difficult as using only one. VDK is designed to be easier and faster than any other solution.

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