Company Name: Witekio
Date: June 2021
Technologies: Voice Development Kit

As international experts in embedded systems and IoT, Witekio helps high tech makers to build their software. The French company, now part of AVNET Group, has a large skillset to support its clients throughout their projects. Witekio provides the VDK to its clients with specific needs in embedded voice technologies.

Witekio, helping high tech makers build great softwares

Witekio is an embedded software expert with a system level approach, engineering and integrating intelligent systems software for any device from the hardware to the cloud.

The company brings world-class technical expertise on both low (OS, driver, firmware) and high level software (application, connectivity, cloud) associated with a knowledge of specific markets that allows the best choices in technologies and architecture for the best performance and security. Witekio also provides custom services for software development, integration, design, support, and training.





Witekio partners with Vivoka : a focus on embedded voice recognition technologies

The use of voice technologies has never been as efficient as it is today, with technical improvements and better user adoption, they are becoming real interaction methods. This democratization is naturally accompanied by an increase in enterprise projects involving voice. On the front line to meet this growing demand, Witekio and Vivoka are joining forces.

For more inquieries about Witekio’s activity, discover their embedded and IoT software systems.

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Vivoka: Voice Technologies

Vivoka exclusively develops its own software, the Voice Development Kit, a development kit specialized in voice. Offering the best embedded voice recognition technologies, the VDK is a powerful and scalable tool for companies with a need in voice. As future versions come, new voice technologies are implemented in the VDK as well as new widgets and ressources.

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Witekio: Technical Expertise

Witekio, as a complement to Vivoka, is positioned to develop embedded and IoT software systems for innovative projects thanks to its experience and technical know-how. Witekio’s engineering team can provide VDK integration. They perfectly master the tool and can help device owners take advantage of its full potential for embedded voice recognition.

Project’s solutions

Some embedded voice systems made with the Voice Development Kit…

#1 Professionnal appliances with embedded voice recognition

Project Goal

The use of voice commands improves the appliance’s user experience with a human-centric approach. For such devices, interactions methods are key for product adoption and also to build a strong customer link with the product itself.


Project Challenges

When adressing the consumer market, data privacy is something that needs specific attention from the brand. In addition, the product has to embed technologies whose costs can be mastered. Such technologies also need to have an optimized tech footprint to seamlessly operate within the product without alterating its composition.

Technical Stack

  •  Embedded Linux OS on MPUs

  • VDK’s offline Automatic Speech Recognition and Multilingual Speech Synthesis engines.

électroménager systÚme vocal embarqué
distributeur automatique vocal embarqué

#2 Offline voice-activated vending machine

Project Goal

Provide touchless technologies for vending machines enable users to change their ways of interaction. A simple request, confirmation, contactless payment, and order collection user experience avoids the user touching any screen and can be enabled using voice parsing.

Project Challenges

Updates to the vending machine hardware that rarely comes with a microphone, directional or otherwise. This is potentially complex and would require equally complex maintenance interventions for each and every machine.

Technical Stack

  •  i.MX6 microprocessor from NXP

  • Custom microphone (close-field)

  • Raspberry Pi with embedded ASR from Voice Development Kit

  • Communication via WebSockets in JSON

#3 Embedded voice control in industrial crane with MPU

Project Goal

Using embedded voice recognition to control the crane’s movements and capacities makes it possible for a user to not only rely on onboard physical supports such as control pannels or computers. The crane user can now remotely control their equipment and keep their entire focus on their tasks to ensure safety.


Project Challenges

Creating a custom system that can remotely control an industrial crane (in this case it was an experiment with a low-scale crane model) with specific technical requirements. On the other hand, it is necessary to invent voice commands that can accurately and with a fast reactivity control the basic navigation tasks.

Technical Stack

  •  Yocto Linux

  • Avnet embedded SMARC module with NXP i.MX8Mplus

  • VDK’s embedded Automatic Speech Recognition

systÚmes vocaux embarqué grue industrielle équipement

Other sectors addressed by Witekio and the Voice Development Kit

Medical IoT & Healthcare Industry

Connected healthcare is one of the biggest challenge in the field today. Voice-enabled medical IoT enhances the medical staff capacities with touchless interactivity. This grant practitioners the ability to keep their focus on what is essential without lacking informations.

Kiosks & Interactive Display Solutions

Adding voice commands and natural speech synthesis takes display devices to another level. Voice is the logical improvement on such devices with complex queries and a 100% touchless use, something required with reinforced sanitary measures.

Transport & Mobility Services

Voice is mainly used to communicate information to passengers of train, buses or planes. The user experiences benefit from synthesized voices which humanize the given information. Also, accessibility is a big issue for such commonly used services.

“We partnered with Vivoka on several innovative projects on embedded Linux system, and delivered, in a very short time, multi-lingual natural voice interactions fully running “at the edge” to our customers.

With our expertise in Embedded Linux and Vivoka Voice Development Kit we can quickly customize and integrate their technology to demonstrate the benefit of speech recognition and text to speech for any type of product from industrial ovens to coffee machines.

Their framework is a great solution for all our projects with embedded voice commands. “


VP of Technology, Witekio

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