Company Name: Vuzix
Date: October 2021
Technologies: Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Vuzix is a leading company in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. With more than 20 years of experience they are providing many industries with vision-based features for a large range of use cases. In order to enhance the capabilities of their smart glasses, the company decided to develop embedded voice commands (with 30 languages covered) through the Voice Development Kit’s ASR.

Industry leader in Augmented Reality (AR) technology

Founded in 1997, Vuzix is an optical company with specialty manufacturing skills. Their products are industry leading and represent over 20 years of experience and innovation.

The company is engaged in the design, manufacturing, marketing, and sale of Waveguides and Smart Glasses. Vuzix’s products are available as either monocular or binocular display systems. They also are highly configurable, and opened to custom configurations for specific clients and custom manufacturing for OEM partners.

Vuzix origins are in R&D for next-generation military display solutions. They have grown into a leading supplier of smart glasses and augmented reality technologies. Their next step is bringing the next level of Waveguides Optics in the world.





Project’s challenge

Providing Voice Recognition Language Support and reliability for Vuzix M-Series Smart Glasses

To enhance the vision capabilities of Vuzix M-Series Smart Glasses, voice commands was the natural choice to go with. Being a cognitive technology as well, voice follow the guidelines of the company strategy : innovation, ergonomics and user-value. Although, some requirements needed specific attention for Vuzix and its clients.

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Extending Language Support

Vuzix, as an industry leader in AR glasses, has a worldwide reach. With such influence, the company needs to be able to provide multilingual support to the products and services it develops and sells. Granting complete language coverage is important, regardless of the areas, America, Europe or Asia and also with different dialects and accents..

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Reliable Voice Recognition

The AR Smart Glasses developed and produced by Vuzix are aimed to professional sectors, industries, supply chains or healthcare for instance. Sometimes, these areas are affected by specific environments that make it difficult to have perfect connectivity which is why embedded systems are extremely convenient. They work anytime, anywhere.

Project’s solution

Multilingual and Embedded Automatic Speech Recognition for Smart Augmented Reality Glasses

Voice Technologies

Automatic Speech Recognition engine based on Grammar creation to create the voice commands and tailor the recognized words for industry-specific vocabulary. The technology also covers 30 languages, dialects and accents to fit with Vuzix’s worldwide reach.

Focus on End-Users

Vuzix AR Smart Glasses’ users come from very different areas, from supply chains and factories to laboratories and surgery clinics. Involved profiles are very heterogenous in terms of skills which is one of the reason to ease the use of AR features through voice interactions.

Hardware Involved

The AR Smart Glasses run on Android 9.0 OS and embed an 8 core 2,52GhZ Qualcomm XR1 processor to run the Vuzix OS that is equipped with the Voice SDK. With 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 64GB of internal flash memory, the voice technology footprint is seamless.

Examples of use cases that you can now create with Vuzix’s Smart Glasses


“Show me instruction A1”

“Start Recording”

“Launch Video Feedback”

“Monitor Vital Signs”

Field Services

“Connect me with the Support Team”

“Accept Vision Sharing”

“Display Remote Instructions”

“Validate Step 2”


“Display Training Video 1”

“Start Visual Assistant for Product X”

“Show Product X Processes”

“Open Quality Check Form”

Warehouse Logistics

“Display Checklist B34”

“Start Video Recording”

“Validate Operation X345-43”

“Launch Automatic Scan”

Project’s benefits

What value does voice technology bring inside Vuzix Smart Glasses ?

Hands-free interactions for Safetyness

To comply with the need of touch interactions, voice technologies have been developed and integrated. Voice has the specific ability to be used hands-free, thus granting adding safety to worker in potentially hazardous areas.

Easy User Onboarding with the Device

Voice technologies, recognition or synthesis, enhance the simplicity of a user getting to know the product and how to use it. Intuitive voice-based learning is the key to even the skill-gap between collaborators.

Faster Features through Voice Commands

Voice commands are intuitive and more fast to produce than traditional analog or touch interactions. Many available features from the Vuzix Smart Glasses like recording, starting a call or displaying information, benefit from this added productivity.

Natural Extension of Vision Technologies

Vision-based technologies are of the same nature than voice, the cognitive solutions area. Voice can seamlessly work along vision to produce breakthrough experiences for user that bring both value and ergonomics.

“The broad language support capability of our products is a distinct competitive advantage for us across many foreign markets and we are happy to be working with a speech technology leader such as Vivoka to enable this. Moreover, many areas equipped with Vuzix Smart Glasses are affected by specific environments that make it difficult to have perfect connectivity for Cloud solutions and Vivoka’s solutions can run offline, on-device, to operate anywhere, anytime.”


Chief Executive Officer, Vuzix

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