Audio Front End

Enhance speech signal with turnkey Audio Front End solution to evaluate signal
quality and apply specific acoustic filters (noise reduction, echo cancellation…).

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What is Audio Front End ?

Audio Front End is the combination of multiple technologies created to evaluate and improve the signal quality of an audio source. Dividing sound into different criterias such as signal-to-noise ratio, echo/reverb level or signal fiability makes it possible to apply specific filters to the signal so that its quality is perfect for voice-based use cases.

Some use cases made real with audio front end solutions

Audio Front End is made for companies and developers that plan to develop voice-based features in specific fields with environments property that requires to improve the recorder audio signals.

Noise Cancellation

For industries or outdoor areas where parasite noise can interfere with the signal quality, reducing the reliability of the voice commands.

Echo Reduction

Used for use case that features far-field microphone use where echo and reverd can drastically modify the audio signal composition.

Audio Reliability

Using MOS evaluation through machine learning models to evaluate the overall signal quality and reliability.

A technology available inside the Voice Development Kit

1. Stream or upload your audio files

Gather different audio files or record them directly through the VDK with multiple setups (microphones, range, far or close field, ambiant noise…) to start working.

2. Evaluate your audio signal quality

Our Audio Front End solution will give scoring to your audio file regarding the criterias you chose (signal to noise ratio, echo level, MOS scoring…).

3. Apply filters to improve your recordings

For low-scoring audio files, find the good mix of audio filters (noise cancellation, echo reduction…) to find chich setup you need for your use case.

Benefits of our Audio Front End technology

Fast and easy audio evaluation

Provide your audio and get insights on your speech signal quality in just seconds with our automatic evaluation system.

Large set of audio filters

Improve your audio recording quality with specific audio filters for noice cancellation, echo/reverb reduction and many more.

Real-time & file-based processing

Gather recordings from different microphones and environements or simply plug your microphone and stream your voice to evaluate its audio quality.

Standard & advanced evaluation

Different level of processing and evaluation, wether you just want a quick idea of your signal quality or you want to tailor it as much as possible.

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Please note that only businesses and organisations are able to use our technology, individual use is not yet allowed.

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Standard ports and Tools

  • Linux: x86_64, armv7hf, armv8
  • Windows: x86_64


Audio analyze method

  • SNR
  • RT60
  • MOS

Supported filters

  • Low-pass
  • High-pass
  • Band-pass

Audio data processing

  • From files
  • From microphone stream


Tech Requirements

Our Audio Front End solution is an embedded technology that is made to be integrated into devices. To do so, these products need to meet specific criteria to handle the technology and make it work properly to perform your use case.

Frequently Asked Questions on
Audio Front End

A few things to know…

Audio Front End is not a technology anyone is familiar with. We cover some of the recurrent topics about it in order to give you insights.

Is it possible to apply multiple filters to the same recording?

Yes it is possible and recommanded in some situations, for instance where both noise and echo are disturbing the speech signal quality.

Is there a difference regarding the microphone used for the audio recording?

Absolutely, the type microphone has a big impact on the signal quality depending on its features compatibility with the recording environement.

Are filters customizable to reach a specific result?

Audio filters available with the Audio Front End can be setup and modified regarding your expected results.

How to integrate speech signal filters inside my products?

Creating and applying filters to your test signal will generate you code that you will be able to integrate inside your software following our documentation.

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