Vivoka and BdSound Join Forces to Revolutionize the World of Voice Assistants

Milan (Italy), Paris (France), October 23, 2023. BdSound and Vivoka, two pioneers in voice technology, announce their strategic partnership to reshape the landscape of voice assistants. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of voice technology and promises to make voice assistants more accessible and customizable than ever before.


Voice assistants have become an integral part of our daily lives, permeating various aspects of our routines. Whether it’s playing music, controlling smart devices, or answering questions, voice assistants are changing the way we interact with technology. Their rising wave has sparked a growing demand for innovative solutions that enable users to craft their unique voice experiences.


Vivoka decided to implement BdSound’s audio enhancement in their VDK (Voice Development Kit). It’s the all-in-one solution that enables any company to implement voice technologies in any device, software or application. Vivoka’s voice technologies allow high-performance while being totally embedded and offline. The new acoustic front-end technology will complete speech recognition, voice synthesis, voice biometrics and wake word. 


In fact, in the world of voice technology, coupling a robust voice assistant engine with advanced acoustic front-end technology is crucial. The acoustic front end processes speech, removing noise and disturbances to provide audio that is clear for voice assistants even in challenging conditions. With its extensive experience in human-to-machine interactions, BdSound is a key player in this partnership. BdSound will contribute its cutting-edge AI-based as well as traditional DSP technologies to Vivoka’s Voice Development Kit, making them accessible to all users seeking to develop their own voice assistants.


BdSound CEO, Antonio Grosso, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, «We’re excited to team up with Vivoka, we found a perfect match to bring our cutting-edge acoustic front-end technology to a broader audience, empowering them to create superior voice assistants.»


Vivoka CEO, William Simonin, added, «We wanted to make seamless voice interactions for our customers, therefore, having an audio enhancement solution was mandatory. Partnering with BdSound will be the key to new fully embedded and powerful projects.»


The partnership between BdSound and Vivoka holds the potential to bring about a transformative shift in the voice assistant landscape. Merging expertise in acoustic front-end technology with a user-friendly framework for voice assistant development will lead to a wider proliferation of voice assistants, making them universally accessible to everyone and effortlessly customizable.  


About BdSound

BdSound, headquartered in Assago, Italy, and bolstered by a subsidiary office in Shanghai, China, is a leading provider in the audio and voice technology field offering scenario and architectural analysis, technical support, proprietary technology, and experience since 2009. Its mission is to enhance communication and voice interaction at home, at work and in the car. Simply Sounds Clear is its suite of proprietary technology and the core of its offer that helps customers create the best voice-enabled products. BdSound is trusted by several companies that believe in top-quality Human-to-Human and Human-to-Machine communication. BdSound continues to invest in research and innovation to maintain its edge in providing better products to customers.

Media Contact
Luigi Attorresi

Sales & Marketing Engineer 


About Vivoka

Vivoka is a global leader in voice AI technologies founded in 2015. Thanks to its VDK (Voice Development Kit), Vivoka offers an all-in-one solution that enables any company to create its own high-performance, secure embedded/offline voice assistant in record time. Vivoka has won several innovation awards and has established leading partnerships with major players in the voice market. Vivoka has a portfolio of more than 100 customers from all major industries and is pursuing its goal of bringing people closer to technology through voice.

Media Contact

Floriane Bret

Marketing Manager

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