Vivoka launches the Voice Development Kit

With more than 5 years of experience in the field of voice, Vivoka’s observation is simple: voice technologies are currently a real challenge for companies. This technology responds to a current market need that is no longer addressed by Snips since their $37.5 million buyout.

After its success in the ADP (Aéroports de Paris) call for projects to integrate voice into their user experience, Vivoka continues its momentum and unveils its new solution called the VDK – Voice Development Kit. The goal of this solution is to simplify the use of voice technologies, allowing any company to design its own voice interface, based on the most powerful technologies on the market.

The modules accessible by the VDK come from the world’s leading suppliers in the sector, including Cerence, Nuance, Google and Acapela, and are harmonized in terms of interface and use, but also become compatible with each other thanks to Vivoka’s artificial intelligence.

“Implementing a voice assistant without being a specialist in the field is very complex. Our experience in the field has shown us that many companies have paid the price. This is why we are unveiling the Voice Development Kit, the first software that makes it possible to design a voice assistant in a simple and fun way. And all this via a graphical interface.”

William Simonin, CEO.


About Vivoka

Founded in 2015 and originating from the France, Vivoka is a company specialized in voice assistants and artificial intelligence. Vivoka’s ambition is to revolutionize the way of interacting with machines and digital interfaces, through the voice.


Contact :
Laurent Scherschel
Communication & PR Manager

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