Vivoka partners with Inria to revolutionise speech recognition

Multispeech, a joint Inria – Loria research team, and Vivoka (a Metz-based start-up specialising in the design of voice solutions) are joining forces to revolutionise embedded voice interfaces, in other words, voice assistants without an Internet connection.

Through this large-scale partnership, the two players will collaborate on a number of points to drastically increase the performance of this type of system. By mobilising some fifteen researchers, engineers and doctoral students in this project, Vivoka and Inria will contribute to the attractiveness of the region by creating many new jobs. Together, they will take part in the design of the industry of the future, with a technology that is global in scope and respects the privacy of users.

Voice recognition, although ubiquitous today (visible in cars, smartphones, robots, etc.) still has many limitations. These are related to its performance, complexity of use, data management and compatibility with different systems.

The objective of the partnership will be to take up these scientific and technological challenges, to strengthen the economic and societal impact of research on the territory and finally to increase the competitiveness of companies in this growing ecosystem.


For more information:

Emmanuel VINCENT – Director of Research Inria
Joint team Multispeech Inria-Loria –

Laurent SCHERSCHEL – Communication Manager
Vivoka – – +33 (0)6 14 13 82 20


  • About Vivoka
    • Vivoka is a French company located in Metz and created in 2015 by William SIMONIN. Thanks to its innovative solutions, Vivoka has become one of the French leaders in speech recognition. Vivoka won the coveted Innovation Award at CES 2019 and CES 2020.


  • About Inria
    • Inria is the national research institute for digital science and technology. World-class research, technological innovation and entrepreneurial risk are its DNA. Within 200 project-teams, most of which are shared with major research universities, more than 3,500 researchers and engineers explore new avenues, often in an interdisciplinary manner and in collaboration with industrial partners, in order to meet ambitious challenges.


  • About Multispeech
    • Multispeech is a joint project-team of Inria (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique) and Loria (Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications – CNRS, Inria, Université de Lorraine). Its research concerns speech processing, with a particular focus on multisource (source separation, robust speech recognition), multilingual (foreign language learning) and multimodal (audiovisual synthesis) aspects.


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