Secure and offline voice biometrics to recognize users

The highly reliable voice biometrics technology that adds another layer of security and awesome user experience to any voice-enabled product and service.

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Getting familiar with the technology

Voice Biometrics, Speaker Recognition, what is it?

Voice biometrics turns voice into an identifying biological data to authenticate or recognize individuals.

Sometimes referred to as voice verification or speaker recognition, voice biometrics is the fastest, most frictionless and highly secure access for a range of use cases.

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Use cases and existing applications

How to leverage Voice Biometrics in the field?

Customer Authentication

Biometric authentication to tailor the user experience according to the identified user profile.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Voice biometrics for an additional layer of user info to complete the required element in KYC processes.

Speaker Identification

Diarization for multi-speaker audio recordings (meetings, conferences…) for labelled transcription purposes.

Voice 2-Factor Authentication

Replacing Authentication App, SMS codes or email confirmation with a Voice Print identification.

Fraud Detection (ID Verification)

Robust and secured biometric identification that can be used in addition with legal processes.

Physical Access Authentication

Switching keys and access badges for a strong and individual authentication method on-site.


Different types of Voice Biometrics processes

Voice biometrics principles are usually separated into 2 categories regarding the way the user profiles are created and registered. 
Vivoka’s voice biometrics offers both methods individually, depending on the use case, in which they are sometimes used together!

Text Dependent

This type of speaker recognition requires the user to say exactly the enrolled or given password. It lacks flexibility since a user have to remember a specific item but has good and fast accuracy.

Text Independent

This verification process doesn’t have the constraint of the speech content. User can speak freely to the system. Although, training and testing utterances will be longer to reach expected performance. 


Why should you choose our secured Voice Biometrics solution?

Internet Independent

No wifi or network are required to enrol, authenticate or identify users.

Low Error-Rate

Across different recording parameters (noise, echo, far/close field…).

Data Privacy

User data stay in the device, unexposed to security issues and transfers.

Real-time Processing

User ID verification’s time starts from 0.1 sec for ultra-short keywords.


Engines are trained to detect liveness and resist most spoofing attempts.


Simple to develop and embed across all platforms (windows, linux, android…).

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Our customers' feedbacks regarding our solutions

“Vivoka’s technologies have been integrated into our solutions dedicated to Human Factors in industry, guaranteeing performance and data confidentiality.”

Guillaume Jégou

Head of the Human Factors Technology Laboratory

"Vivoka’s solutions can run offline, on-device, to operate anywhere, anytime and with a broad language support capability which is for our products a distinct competitive advantage."

Paul Travers

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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"We partnered with Vivoka on several innovative projects on embedded Linux system, and delivered, in a very short time, multi-lingual natural voice interactions fully running “at the edge” to our customers."

Cédric Vincent

VP of Technology

Requirements & Quick-Start

How to develop with our secured Voice Biometrics engine?

– On the Device

Fully-embedded voice technology for brands seeking the convenience of a voice user interface without the privacy or connectivity concerns of the internet. Full access to custom commands and the ability to instantly update command codes during development make voice-enabling your product fast and easy.

– On Premise

Get the power of cloud connectivity combined with the reliability of embedded voice technology. On premise (or hybrid) solutions ensure that your device is always-on and responsive to commands. Seamlessly push product updates and deliver a broader voice experience with the level of cloud-connectivity that best matches your product and users.

The Voice Biometrics engines that Vivoka provides through the Voice Development Kit can support authentication and identification from a file upload or directly via an audio streaming (e.g. microphones…)

We also support the text dependent (TD) and text independent (TI) speaker verification. TD will focus on a specific enrollment password that the user will be using for the verification process. TI on the other hand have a more convenient way to verifiy through continous speech, but this requires more training and testing utterances.

NB: Voice biometrics engines are language agnostic, they work the same accross any speaker.

– Language count: Agnostic

– Model & Resource Size: <1MB to 20MB

– SDK Code Size: 

  • Model <1MB = 50KB / Registered user
  • Model  20MB = 5KB / Registered user

– Supported Hardware: Microprocessor Units

– Supported Platforms:

  • Windows – x86_64
  • Linux – x86_64 | armv7hf | armv8
  • Android 6.0 (API 23)

Complementary Technologies

Discover other technologies in our stack

Wake Word

Trigger speech recognition process by detecting a unique word or sentence.

Speech Recognition

Turn human speech into text data that can be processed by complex systems.


Automatically generate life-like voices from text data in multiple languages and aspects.

Audio Enhancement

Enhance the audio signal quality from voice to boost speech recognition’s accuracy.

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