Wake Word

A “wake word”, also known as a “wake-up word” or a “hot word” is needed for activating appliances, robots, software, mobile apps, etc. It distinguishes between casual conversations and direct commands, switching your device from standby to active listening mode.

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When pronounced, the wake word acts as the gateway to human-machine interaction and once the system is fully engaged, it captures the user’s voice input, streamlining the flow of communication without eavesdropping on every conversation. It can either be a word or a phrase.
Just like the word “Alexa” for Amazon and “Hey Siri” for Apple, the wake word is the word that allows you to activate any device, software or smart appliance with your own voice. This technology plays a crucial role in maintaining privacy and enhancing power efficiency. It does so by keeping a device in standby mode, only activating it when the wake word is pronounced. This approach minimizes energy use, leading to a smaller environmental impact.


Getting familiar with the technology

A wake word is the first step in making your device listen, without needing to push a button or touch a screen. Whether it’s a specific single word or a carefully chosen sequence of terms, this command is the signal that activates a dormant device, mobile application, smart appliance or any soft/hardware solution transforming it into an attentive assistant, primed and ready for action.

Our wake word solution meets the precision and privacy standards demanded by businesses. No matter what industry you work in, our solution can be seamlessly integrated across any device or smart appliance, mobile application, robot, etc., ensuring real-time responsiveness without relying on internet connectivity. Choosing Vivoka’s Wake Word solution guarantees unmatched detection accuracy and an unparalleled voice interaction experience.

Unlike cloud based solutions like Siri from Apple or Alexa from Amazon, our voice solutions also work offline, allowing you to activate with your own voice, your smart appliance, mobile app or device everywhere and anywhere.

Speech dictation has made it possible to dictate text effortlessly, transforming speech into accurately punctuated text faster than traditional typing. This innovative approach allows users to dictate their speech easily. Elevating productivity to new heights. With software incorporating voice typing features, the power of speech text conversion is more accessible than ever

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Wake words are not just limited to personal assistants devices; their applications span various sectors. In smart homes, they enable distant activation of smart appliances. The same thing goes for the healthcare industry, defense, and many others.

Wake word

for Supply Chain & Logistics

In the healthcare industry, every minute saved can translate into more attention given to patients and better overall care outcomes. 

For hands-free and Eyes-fee device activation

The Wake Word facilitates hands-free and eyes-free device activation, streamlining operations in supply chain and logistics. This innovation allows workers to interact with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) without the need to physically touch your keyboard or mouse, enhancing efficiency and safety.

Wake Word for Manufacturers

Initiating the interaction with a simple “Hey [Device],” marks a new era of intuitive and hands-free interaction between customers and their smart appliances.

A unique branding opportunity

For manufacturers, the wake word presents a unique branding opportunity. By enabling customers to activate smart appliances using their brand name, it integrates the brand into their daily lives and improves user experience by removing the need for physical interaction with devices. This seamless communication, initiated by a simple “Hey [Device],” marks a new era of intuitive and hands-free interaction between customers and their smart appliances.

The Wake Word

in the Defense Industry

In the defense sector, Wake Word is crucial for enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

Preventing accidental activation of a device or machinery

It prevents accidental activation of a device or machinery by requiring a specific Wake Word before accepting commands. This reduces the risk of unintended operations, potentially preventing accidents or security breaches.

Wake Word

for the Healthcare Industry

In healthcare, the wake word promotes sterile conditions by enabling voice-activated, hands-free operation of medical devices.

A vital tool for healthcare professionals to maintain hygiene and safety standards.

Using a Wake Word reduces the risk of contamination, making it a vital tool for healthcare professionals to maintain hygiene and safety standards. Also, the wake word enables the utilization of voice technology within healthcare environments while safeguarding privacy. This implies that the device or machine remains inactive and does not listen until the wake word is spoken.

Across Industries!

Wake words aren’t just for smart homes or phones. They can be a game-changer in healthcare, supply chain, and more. Any sector looking to make tech easier and hands-free can benefit.




Supply Chain


Defense & Aviation


Finance and Banking


Legal Industry

The Wake Word can be used with other voice solutions to create the best combination for your interface, such as: 

Voice Control

A solution enabling users to control appliances and software, navigate, and issue commands through speech, simplifying interaction with technology.

Business Benefits

Beyond Industry Applications

Reducing consumption

An important feature of the wake word is that it ensures that devices only fully power up and perform tasks when needed, significantly minimizing their overall energy use. Such an approach not only extends the battery life of a portable device or smart appliance but also contributes to a broader strategy of energy conservation across various sectors, including consumer electronics, healthcare, and defense, by optimizing the way devices consume power.

Offering accessibility

It greatly benefits individuals with mobility or dexterity impairments, providing them with an easier way to interact with technology without the need for physical touch. Offering them the best Customer Experience.

Improving Multitasking

The wake word enables users to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without having to stop and manually operate devices, enhancing efficiency and reducing time loss.

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In essence, wake words are transforming how we interact with devices, making technology more intuitive and personal. By enabling offline functionality and offering customization options, we’re not just enhancing user convenience; we’re also opening up new avenues for branding and engagement across various sectors. Whether you’re in healthcare, retail, or any industry in between, wake words can provide a seamless, interactive experience that elevates your brand and connects with users in a meaningful way.

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