Custom Wake Word that always listens, never records

The most accurate and customizable wake word solution to voice-enable your branded voice assistant while keeping your data safe.

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Getting familiar with the technology

What is a Wake Word?

The Wake Word is the first element of an end-to-end voice interaction. You surely are most aware of wake words associated with popular voice assistants such as Siri, Google or Alexa.

This technology is used to literally “wake” the assistant by listening for a single word of phrase.

Once it is detected, the assistant knows that it has to process the voice commands coming right after.

Use cases and existing applications

How to leverage Wake Words in the field?

Unlike other voice technologies, Wake Words have the ability to be used anywhere. Any device that could benefit from being remotely activated with human voice is a perfect fit for the solution.

Voice Assistants

  • “Hey Google!”
  • “Alexa”
  • “Hello Vivoka”

Vehicles & Mobility

  • “Hey Porsche”
  • “Ok Airbus”
  • “Elevator”

Robotics & HMIs

  • “Hello Buddy”
  • “Ok Spot”
  • “Hi Wall-E”


How about creating your own Wake Word?

This technology is not a GAFAM thing only. With the rise of custom voice assistants comes the popularity of branded wake words.

This is the best timing for you to embrace the voice-first world by developing your own custom wake word. Based on our edge technology and your brand guidelines, you are sure to protect what defines you most.

Owning the voice experience starts here, not with “Hey Google”.

Adopting voice solutions in your business starts here

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Why should you choose our Wake Word for your project?

We provide Wake Word technology that perfectly matches the accuracy and privacy requirements of companies. But there is more, everything is integrated, running on the device with zero latency.

What does this mean? When you choose Vivoka’s Wake Word technology, you get best-in-class detection accuracy, no dependence on internet, no data issues, and only the immersive voice experience that wake words provide.

Internet Independent

No wifi or network are required. Wake Words will work anywhere, anytime.

Superior Accuracy

Across different environments, user population or Wake Word complexity.

Data Privacy

Our Wake Words always listen but never record anything. Always secured.

Real-time Processing

Wake Words running directly on the device reduces latency to 0.

For developers, by developers

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Companies that have chosen our solution

Our customers' feedbacks regarding our solutions

“Vivoka’s technologies have been integrated into our solutions dedicated to Human Factors in industry, guaranteeing performance and data confidentiality.”

Guillaume Jégou

Head of the Human Factors Technology Laboratory

"Vivoka’s solutions can run offline, on-device, to operate anywhere, anytime and with a broad language support capability which is for our products a distinct competitive advantage."

Paul Travers

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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"We partnered with Vivoka on several innovative projects on embedded Linux system, and delivered, in a very short time, multi-lingual natural voice interactions fully running “at the edge” to our customers."

Cédric Vincent

VP of Technology

Requirements & Quick-Start

How to develop with our Wake Words?

– On the Device

Fully-embedded voice technology for brands seeking the convenience of a voice user interface without the privacy or connectivity concerns of the internet. Full access to custom commands and the ability to instantly update command codes during development make voice-enabling your product fast and easy.

– On Premise

Get the power of cloud connectivity combined with the reliability of embedded voice technology. On premise (or hybrid) solutions ensure that your device is always-on and responsive to commands. Seamlessly push product updates and deliver a broader voice experience with the level of cloud-connectivity that best matches your product and users.

The Wake Words we provide are grammar-based recognition engines. It means the recognition’s capabilities are based on a file that includes the different elements to be recognized (numbers, sentences, words, names…). 

Our Wake Words support both phonetic edition (changing the way words are understood by the engine) and dynamic data (having flexibility with the grammar content).

The engine currently supports 41 languages.

– Model & Resource Size: 6 to 15MB

– SDK Code Size: 10 to 65MB

– Supported Hardware: Microprocessor Units

– Supported Platforms:

  • Windows – x86_64
  • Linux – x86_64 | armv7hf | armv8
  • Android 6.0 (API 23)

Complementary Technologies

Discover other technologies in our stack

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Turn human speech into text data that can be processed by complex systems.

Voice Biometrics

Seamlessly identify or authenticate users by recognizing their voice pattern.


Automatically generate life-like voices from text data in multiple languages and aspects.

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