CES LAS VEGAS 2020: Vivoka wins an innovation award!

Paris 6 January 2020 : Vivoka, the 100% French start-up has just won the Innovation Award in the Smart Cities category. Indeed, after the Innovation Award received in the Smart Home category at CES 2019, Vivoka is offered a new victory!

With its limitless potential, Voka – the new product of customizable speech recognition technology with artificial intelligence, capable of understanding intentions in a natural language, propels French high-tech to a level not previously achieved in this field. Voka is based on Vivoka’s famous voice assistant and features a new design designed to facilitate human-machine interaction to the maximum.

This high-end physical product can be suitable for the greatest number of people, in different specific environments.


About Vivoka


Founded in 2015, Vivoka is a French company that aims to revolutionize the way people interact with digital media through voice. It is the first turnkey voice recognition and artificial intelligence technology that can be adapted to all types of business sectors.

Contact :
Laurent Scherschel
Communication Manager

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