Smart motorcycle helmet voice assistant

Kosmos Smart Helmets is providing a new kind of motorcycle equipment with a voice-enabled helmet to enhance drivers’ support and safety.

Voice assistant for motorcycle drivers
Smart Motorcycle Helmet
Wake Word, Automatic Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech

In a nutshell…

KSH is a pioneer and strong player in smart bike equipments. To provide even more future to its game-changing helmet, KSH is powered by Vivoka’s technologies. The motorcycle helmet features an interactive voice assistant to support drivers with information and rescue services if the worst was to happen.

Challenge & Requirements

Enhancing the motorcycle driving experience with hands-free interactions

The objective of this solution is to vocalize a maximum of functions used by motorcycle drivers, such as turn signals, GPS, music player or text messages and phone calls. The helmet integrates all the necessary tools to provide a great riding experience.


Reliable speech recognition service

Motorcycles drivers are not always in places with great connectivity. The voice assistant needs to rely on offline technologies to run in any situations, anytime, anywhere.

Robust listening capacity

While embedded in motorcycle helmets, voice-based technologies are suffering from a very noisy environment. Indeed, motorcycle engines in addition to the users’ proximity to them are impacting recording capacities.

KSH Product Visual
KSH Product Visual

Solution & Specifications

On-device wake word, ASR and text-to-speech for an end-to-end voice experience

About the voice technologies

The branded Wake Word “Ok Kosmos” was developed and embedded to trigger the voice assistant at anytime while focusing on the road ahead.

The Automatic Speech Recognition engine is based on Grammar to produce the voice commands and tailor the recognized words for industry-specific vocabulary. Freespeech capabilities are also developed to produce longer messages.

The Text-to-Speech engine is installed to vocalize the assistant feedbacks and keeping the users attention on what essential, safety.

Focus on the smart helmet's end-users

Kosmos Smart Helmets’ users are motorcycle drivers whose focus are on what’s ahead: the road. To enhance their safety, the voice AI is as flexible as possible to provide support at anytime with simple voice commands that tolerate many alternatives.

Information about the hardware

Kosmos Smart Helmets are linked to a smartphone app (iOS and Android) that will host the voice assistant and be the link between the user and the available services (phone, GPS, music…).

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Product Demo

Discover the voice-enabled smart helmet in the use

This short teaser video from Kosmos Smart Helmets shows the different features within the helmet and the app. It also features the conversational capabilities of our voice AI in providing information and support to the driver at anytime!

Benefits and Improvements

What value does voice AI bring to Smart Helmet?

Hands-free interactions for safety

Motorcycle drivers are always concerned with safety while riding. To make sure they are protected, the voice assistant provides information, guidance and features without using commands. This keeps the user’s focus on what is essential: the road.

Enhanced user experience

The conversational voice AI inside the smart helmets allows to have a personal assistant while riding. The voice assistant will help the drivers with features like messages, GPS, music and so on… A special safety feature turns the voice assistant into an emergency service if a crash was to happen.


Why did Kosmos Smart Helmets chose the Voice Development Kit?

Clear pricing models

Voice Development Kit’s technologies are working on business models that makes the innovation’s cost seamless and measurable for companies.

Technology's simplicity

With a no-code prototyping interface, the VDK Studio is the perfect tool to get a hand on voice technologies and create great solutions without specific skills.

Internet independent

Being on-device, Vivoka’s technologies work anytime, anywhere, to provide users with non-stop service availability. This requirement is even more important in the mobility field in which users can be in remote places with poor connectivity.

Technical compatibility

Vivoka’s low-footprint solutions can run on most frameworks and hardwares, from mobile applications on Android to embedded systems with Linux…

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