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VoiceTech topics are a never-ending source of educational and fascinating content. Due to our role in this industry, we try to cover as much as possible the news in order to give you the answer you need.

Create a voice assistant in 60 minutes with the VDK

How to create a voice assistant: important prerequisites.   Before starting a voice project, which you are surely about to do if you are reading this article, it is necessary to prepare well in...

The things that Smart Eyewear lacks and are preventing it from rising to the top

When vision meets voice : a smart eyewear perspective   Smart glasses are wearables, like VR headsets, watches, earphones and such. They embed advanced technologies that are minified to fit...

What are the best speaker recognition use cases?

The field of voice technologies is continuously growing. While there was a brief decrease in the interest for it these past few years, today there is no doubt that voice is experiencing a...

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