Company Name: KFI
Date: Oct 2020
Technologies: Multilingual ASRText-to-Speech (TTS)

KFI is a leader in the implementation of integrated solutions for traceability and management of all phases of the Supply Chain. It now uses Vivoka’s technologies to power its pick-by-voice solution.

Pick-by-Voice to boost logistics processes

Guided by voice, the operator interacts with the system through keywords, increasing speed, accuracy and productivity.

Voice picking reduces accidents for operators by allowing them to remain focused on their actions at all times.

KFI, a player in supply chain and pick-by-voice

The Supply Chain is a field that has rapidly turned towards Industry 4.0 with the introduction of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). KFI, as a key player in this sector, has identified voice solutions as a productivity driver for these new digital opportunities.

Indeed, many supply chain processes are extremely cumbersome, whether it be preparation, sorting, assembly or quality control, productivity losses were substantial. Taken to the scale of an entire organisation and its volume, this raises a real problem of profitability. This is where the pick-by-voice was quickly identified as a solution.

A Pick-by-Voice solution proudly powered by Vivoka

The aim of pick-by-voice is to vocalise a maximum number of tasks performed by the operators with the centralised system. This specialised software for the supply chain allows, with the help of a headset and a nomad device specific to each user, to give instructions and follow their execution through the site.

The voice commands thus realized and integrated are developed with the Voice Development Kit, Vivoka’s speech development kit. In particular, it was used to configure an ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) engine and its logistics-specialized grammar with minimal use of its processor.


Accelerated selection of products and components thanks to hands-free and eye-free operations. Operator safety is also improved.

Guided sorting

Precise management of the sorting of goods by destination/customer, increased productivity, faster delivery of perishable products to points of sale.

Order picking

Preparation of packaging for assembly lines differentiated by product type. The system allows a precise selection of components.


Simple and intuitive monitoring of the various control points. Instant data collection, correct recording of information, deletion of data entry operations.

Quality Control

The management of a voice checklist allows the transfer in real time of the data necessary for the planning of any corrective measures, thus optimising planning.

Returns management

Checking the condition of the product with indication of the correct sorting. Precise placement of products in stock without loss of time in order to quickly put them back into the sales process.

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