Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics technologies authenticate and identify users by analyzing their unique voice patterns, leveraging distinctive frequency patterns and features inherent in each person’s voice.
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Getting familiar with the technology
Voice biometrics technologies authenticate and identify users by analyzing their unique voice patterns, leveraging distinctive frequency patterns and features inherent in each person’s voice. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and extensive voice sample databases, this technology offers a reliable method for user recognition, distinguishing it from voice recognition technologies that facilitate user-device navigation by converting speech into text.

Voice biometrics is used in two cases; they can be used individually and together:


It involves recognizing an individual from a collection of acoustic samples.


It involves confirming or denying a speaker’s claimed identity by examining their acoustic samples.

Voice biometrics solutions exemplify technology’s adaptability, offering both on-device and on-premise applications to meet various security and connectivity needs:

  • On-device: fully-embedded voice technology caters to brands seeking a voice user interface without compromising privacy or connectivity, enabling fast and easy voice-enabling of products.
  • On-premise: Combining cloud connectivity with embedded voice technology, our solution ensures devices are always responsive, allowing for seamless product updates and a broader voice experience.

Engines, accessible through the Voice Development Kit, support both authentication and identification via file upload or direct audio streaming, such as through microphones. The technology accommodates text-dependent (TD) and text-independent (TI) speaker verification:

  • Text-Dependent Verification: Focuses on a specific enrollment password used by the user for the verification process, offering a straightforward method for user authentication.
  • Text-Independent Verification: Provides a more convenient verification method through continuous speech, although it requires more training and testing utterances. This approach is particularly advantageous for scenarios where users interact with the system in a natural, conversational manner.

These solutions support text-dependent and text-independent speaker verification, accommodating different user interaction scenarios and enhancing the technology’s flexibility across languages and applications.

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Defense and Security Sector

Voice biometrics offers a pivotal security enhancement in the defense sector, providing a secure, efficient, and non-intrusive authentication method. It ensures that only authorized personnel access sensitive data and secure communication lines, crucial for maintaining operational integrity. This technology adapts to various languages and conditions, making it ideal for hands-free operation and international defense collaborations, thereby safeguarding against unauthorized access and enhancing global security operations.

Banking and Financial Services

Voice biometrics not only speeds up authentication processes but also introduces a layer of security that is both non-intrusive and highly effective. In an industry where the risk of identity theft and fraud is high, voice biometrics offers a solution that is difficult to bypass, thanks to unique vocal imprints. Financial institutions can integrate voice biometrics into their mobile banking apps, allowing customers to perform secure transactions and access services with just their voice. This technology also supports regulatory compliance efforts by providing a clear audit trail of interactions and transactions.

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E-commerce and Retail

In the e-commerce and retail domains, voice biometrics provides a secure and convenient way for customers to verify their identity before making transactions, for instance, on mobile apps. This technology plays a crucial role in decreasing the occurrence of fraudulent orders. This not only helps in protecting the retailer’s income but also ensures the safety of the customer’s personal and financial data. However, the advent of artificial intelligence has led to a significant rise in voice-based fraud, particularly through the use of deepfake voice technology.

Home security and IoT

For home security and IoT devices, voice biometrics offers a seamless way to control access without the need for physical keys or passwords, which can be lost or forgotten. Homeowners can grant access to their homes through voice commands, which is particularly useful for allowing entry to trusted visitors or service providers. Additionally, in smart home ecosystems, voice biometrics can personalize settings and preferences for each family member, enhancing the convenience and security of smart home technologies.

Healthcare and Medical

Voice biometrics plays a crucial role in protecting patient data in compliance with healthcare regulations. By authenticating healthcare providers and patients through voice, access to Electronic Health Records (EHR) is both secure and quick, facilitating timely medical care. This technology also enables hands-free interaction with medical devices and systems, crucial in sterile environments or situations where manual interaction is not possible, thereby improving operational efficiency and patient care.

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Enhanced Security

Voice biometrics leverages unique voice characteristics for authentication, significantly minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. Unlike traditional passwords that can be easily compromised, voiceprint offers a higher level of security; even a replicated voiceprint will never be the same as the original. 

User Convenience

The technology’s non-intrusive nature allows for seamless user authentication, significantly enhancing user satisfaction. By eliminating the need for passwords, voice biometrics prevents the risk of password leakage and provides a smoother user experience, making digital interactions more fluid and natural.


Voice biometrics serves as an accessible authentication option for everyone, including individuals with physical disabilities or those who find traditional authentication methods challenging. This inclusivity ensures that technology benefits a broader user base, promoting digital accessibility for all.

“Living Passwords”

Our bodies carry unique identifiers, such as fingerprints, faces, voices, and eyes, known as “biometric signatures.” Voice, as one of these signatures, acts as a “voiceprint,” reflecting a person’s identity with the same uniqueness and distinctiveness as a fingerprint. This concept of “living passwords” underscores the personalized and secure nature of voice biometrics, making it an invaluable tool in the digital age.

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Voice control

Voice biometrics can add a layer of security to voice control solutions, ensuring that only authorized users can operate devices and give instructions.

Wake Word

Beyond recognizing a specific wake word, the system could identify the speaker and then unlock specific commands, only authorized for chosen users. It’s definitely the next level of personalization; the system is adaptive and tailored for the users.

Voice Synthesis

This allows users to get a spoken answer from the device, app or software. It’s audio feedback compared to visual or signal ones.

Speech Enhancement

Voice biometrics can simultaneously authenticate the speaker’s identity, ensuring that commands are received and executed only from verified users, even in challenging auditory conditions.

Voice Dictation

This ensures that sensitive information dictated by the user is accessed and transcribed only after the user’s identity is verified, protecting confidential information from being exposed to unauthorized individuals.

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