Our voice technologies

The Voice Development Kit, vivoka’s main product, includes the voice technologies needed to build a voice-based interface or assistant. Get more details about each products and what they can bring you to achieve your objectives.

Voice technologies for each step and need

Achieving a complete cycle of speech-enabled use requires a lot of technologies, from the user speaking up to the machine answering its command.

The Voice Development Kit is designed to gather them all in order to use them more efficiently. But that doesn’t mean you can’t just use one of them for a particular feature.

If you want advice on how to choose and use our speech technologies, contact us.

Voice Development Kit Studio (GUI)

All-in-one software development kit for  embedded voice technologies

Embedded Voice Synthesis (TTS)

Automatic generation of multilingual natural voices that runs offline on device

Automatic Speech Recognition Engine

Embedded Technology used to turn voice into text or commands automatically

Custom Wake-Up Word Generator

Easy tool to generate multilingual wake word to embed in devices

Some reasons to use our voice technologies


We grant you faster and easier designing, developing and testing capacities that reduces the time needed to produce an operationnal solution.

Cost Efficient

Our products are easy to use and integrate throught the Voice Development Kit, thus reducing time and HR required to produce your use case.

Private by Design

Our solutions embedded in the Voice Development Kit are 100% offline. Datas gathered and used in the process stay in the device.


More than 60 languages are available (ASR, TTS, Wake Word…) to configurate your voice features according to your users and targeted areas.

State of the Art

We provide the current best embedded voice features and designs, born from our R&D and our partners solutions.

Low CPU Usage

Our technologies are designed to run on low specifications embedded systems. The CPU usage is reduced to seemlessly operate.

Your project has never been that close to its solution!

Browsing through our projects and technologies might have give you some insights about the possibilities you have by working with us. We can further help you to achieve your goals.

Our latest blog articles

VoiceTech topics are a never-ending source of educational and fascinating content. Due to our role in this industry, we try to cover as much as possible the news in order to give you the answer you need.