Technologies to create amazing voice products

Individual voice technologies to create custom end-to-end voice AIs that work on the device, anytime, anywhere.

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Voice Technologies Working Together

What about End-to-End voice AI that works offline?

This scheme version is simplified to show you how different voice technologies interact with each other. They are all independent but works best when combined to create smart solutions. Our technologies are covering the overall voice experience, from the user triggering the system and asking a command, to the software understanding, operating and answering in natural language.

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Wake Word

The most accurate and customizable wake word solution to voice-enable your branded voice assistant. Our wake word has no latency, nor does it record or transfer data thanks to its embedded design.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Our professional speech recognition SDK that allows voice-enable products and services with specific vocabulary and bespoke understanding in more than 30 languages. Vivoka’s ASR offers both grammar-based recognition for accurate vocabulary understanding and FreeSpeech capabilities to transcribe long corpuses.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Our Natural Language Understanding software development kit to create flexible and natural voice commands and provide freedom of use, while embedded.

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Voice Biometrics

The highly reliable voice biometrics technology that adds another layer of security and awesome user experience to any voice-enabled product and service.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Our easy-to-embed speech synthesis, A.K.A Text-to-Speech, software development kit to produce lifelike speech in 60 languages (with more than 120 available voices) for any mobile or embedded system.

Audio Enhancement (AFE)

Enhance voice signal with turnkey Audio Front End solution to evaluate signal quality and apply specific acoustic filters (noise reduction, echo cancellationÔÇŽ)

Embedded Technologies

Why did we design our technologies to run on-device?

It works offline, anywhere, anytime

No need for internet connectivity, no latency as well, robustness at its best.

It keeps your data private and secured

Every data stay on the device, nothing is ever transferred if don't want it.

It is cost-effective, no hidden fees

Embedded means no usage-fees like Cloud services, only expectable costs.

It is highly customizable and compatible

Compatible with the majority of microprocessor units and devices.

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