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Voice Control

Control any software, device or app using your voice and transform the way your users interact with interfaces, making it possible to communicate with them using natural language.

Voice Dictation

Voice Dictation, with its ability to recognize and transcribe spoken language into punctuated text, is revolutionizing the way professionals across various industries manage their daily professional tasks.

Wake Word

The most accurate and customizable wake word solution to voice-enable your branded voice assistant. Our wake word has no latency, nor does it record or transfer data thanks to its embedded design.

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Voice Biometrics

The highly reliable voice biometrics technology that adds another layer of security and awesome user experience to any voice-enabled product and service.

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Our easy-to-embed speech synthesis, A.K.A Text-to-Speech, software development kit to produce lifelike speech in 60 languages (with more than 120 available voices) for any mobile or embedded system.

Speech Enhancement

Enhance voice signal with turnkey Audio Front End solution to evaluate signal quality and apply specific acoustic filters (noise reduction, echo cancellation…)

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