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Voice synthesis, also known as speech synthesis, is a cutting-edge technology designed to redefine the way we connect, engage, and interact. Speech synthesis allows you to get instant and accurate feedback on all your demands.
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Getting familiar with the technology
Discover the realm of speech synthesis, where written words are transformed into delightful verbal symphonies. Our text-to-speech (TTS) technology not only answers your queries but does so by imitating the natural rhythm of human speech, enabling natural interaction with any device.

Voice synthesis converts text-to-speech (TTS) by turning letters (graphemes) into sounds (phonemes), creating natural-sounding voices. What sets our technology apart is its ability to speak with the flair and charm of a real person. With the aid of machine learning, prosody, and SSML, you can adjust pitch, volume, and customize audio for a unique text-to-speech (TTS) experience.

Prosody: crucial in voice synthesis, modulates pitch, duration, and loudness to convey emotions and intentions, transforming robotic speech into dynamic, engaging communication, and remains a key challenge in developing lifelike, nuanced text-to-speech systems.

SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language): Use SSML for detailed control over speech synthesis aspects like pitch, rate, and volume.

Discover our use cases
Voice synthesis technology is a game-changer in the business world, offering unparalleled opportunities for enhanced communication and interaction. With the +100 voices available, you get to choose the voice that best suits your business to forge impactful, consistent, and personalized interactions across all platforms.

The applications of voice synthesis are vast. By providing examples of speech in different languages and dialects, these technologies can aid in every industry, offering a hands-free way to consume information and interact with technology.

Unlike cloud solution providers like Google or Amazon, our solution is fully embedded, which means that it works perfectly in environments with no connectivity.

Road Transportation and Airports

Enhancing Public Transportation with Voice Synthesis

Voice synthesis in public transportation offers real-time updates and facilitates ticket purchases, making travel more accessible and efficient for everyone. Voice Synthesis also improves the commuting experience through dynamic announcements and voice-guided transactions, catering to a diverse range of passengers.

Elevating Air Travel with Voice Synthesis

In aviation, automated, multilingual announcements reduce congestion and improve the travel experience. In this specific domain, Voice synthesis ensures crucial information reaches all passengers, enhancing safety, inclusivity, and operational efficiency in airports and on flights.

Yellow-vest worker with headphones in an airport
women at an ATM in bank

Banking and Hotels

Enhancing ATM Accessibility with Voice Synthesis

Voice synthesis transforms ATMs and banking kiosks by providing audible instructions for transactions, enhancing accessibility for visually impaired and elderly customers. This technology promotes financial independence by ensuring all users can access banking services securely.

Elevating Brand Identity in the Hospitality Industry

Voice synthesis is key in the hospitality industry, enhancing customer service and brand identity. Hotels and resorts are adopting voice synthesis to allow all the devices, appliances and software to make queries, and give feedback effortlessly. This technology offers personalized interactions, mirroring a brand’s tone, and deepening the customer-brand connection. Thus, voice synthesis is essential for intuitive guest experiences and a strong brand strategy in this competitive sector.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Integrating Voice for Enhanced Interactions

For smart appliance manufacturers, voice synthesis is crucial for creating intuitive user interactions and establishing a strong brand identity. It allows appliances to give vocal feedback, offering convenience and a personalized touch.

Enhancing Productivity with Pick by Voice Technology

In the context of Voice Picking, workers can markedly improve productivity. They can concurrently prepare orders and inquire about the locations of subsequent ones through voice commands. This integration of voice technology not only optimizes workflow but also reduces the likelihood of errors, creating a more efficient and effective operational environment.

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Vivoka’s voice synthesis tools leverage deep learning algorithms to produce voices that not only sound natural but also maintain the correct pitch and tone, enhancing the overall user experience. The audio output is designed to be clear and understandable, with a focus on maintaining the natural flow and intonation of human speech.

At the core of voice synthesis is the ability to produce natural-sounding speech that closely mimics human voices. These synthesized voices can range in gender, with both male and female options available, catering to a wide variety of applications and preferences. Furthermore, advancements in our technology have significantly improved the quality and naturalness of the speech output, making it increasingly difficult to distinguish between synthetic and real human voices.

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Business Benefits: Beyond Industry Applications

Time Savings and Cost Efficiency

Voice Synthesis significantly enhances efficiency and resource management within business operations. By employing voice-enabled devices or software that gives direct outputs, businesses can streamline processes, allowing direct communication of outputs to users. This eliminates the need for manual checks on devices, leading to considerable time savings. 

Cross-Platform Integration and Multilingual Support

Its offline functionality and ease of integration make voice synthesis adaptable to various environments, ensuring consistent quality across platforms. With multilingual capabilities, it extends the reach of businesses globally, making content accessible to a wider audience.

Voice synthesis technology is a cornerstone for creating more inclusive, efficient, and personalized industry interactions. Its wide-ranging applications and benefits highlight its role in enhancing user experiences and operational efficiency, paving the way for future innovations in digital interaction.

One of the standard features of voice synthesis technology is its multilingual capabilities. It can generate speech in various languages, thus breaking down language barriers and enabling seamless communication. This feature is particularly beneficial for global applications, allowing users to interact with technology in their native language.

Voice synthesis represents a significant leap forward in human-machine interaction. By producing high-quality, natural-sounding voices in multiple languages, it offers a more inclusive and accessible way for people to engage with software or devices. Whether it is a Robot assistant speaking in French or an ATM machine providing help in Spanish, voice synthesis is making technology speak everyone’s language.

Our speech synthesis technology ensures natural-sounding output in over 65 languages, ready to engage in meaningful conversations and provide fast answers, no matter where you are.

Good morning, Guten Tag, Bonjour, Bom Dia, Buongiorno...

As we already said, language support is not a problem

























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Voice control

This integration significantly expands the capabilities of voice synthesis technology by not only generating natural-sounding speech from text but also by introducing interactive and responsive elements to voice-enabled devices and applications. This dual approach transforms how users interact with technology, making it possible for devices to not just speak but also understand and respond to voice commands.

Wake Word



By integrating the wake word technology and the voice synthesis, devices gain the ability to remain in a passive listening mode until they recognize a specific trigger word or phrase. This “wake word” is a pre-determined command that, when detected, activates the device, making it attentive and ready to process further voice commands. This enhancement not only improves the responsiveness of voice-enabled devices but also significantly conserves energy by minimizing the need for constant active listening.

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