Speech Enhancement

Our Speech Enhancement solution allows more accurate recognition of voice commands (far-field or close-field) and voice dictation in any operating environment by removing interfering sounds captured by the microphone.
Our Speech Enhancement Solution is a versatile noise cancellation technology used in combination with a speech recognition system.

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A Speech Enhancement Solution with an unparalleled Accuracy!

In professional settings such as offices or manufacturing workshops, ambient noises like the hum of machinery, overlapping conversations, and environmental sounds can interfere with the clarity of speech. Employing advanced noise reduction techniques enhances voice quality and facilitates smoother operation of voice-activated systems in professional environments. And that’s where our solution steps in.

It extracts the user’s voice and cancels unintended sounds to provide crystal-clear speech recognition and user understanding. Whether it’s in English, French, or German, this technology doesn’t depend on language to improve speech intelligibility. The machine is processing speech into algorithms in order to remove all noisy acoustic signals; it acts as an audio filter to improve the performance of your voice, and more specifically, of voice commands in our customers’ use cases.

Getting familiar with the technology

Speech enhancement also called as Audio Front-End, Voice Quality Scoring & Enhancement is the perfect solution that improves voice clarity by removing unwanted background noises from the identified speech. This process makes spoken words easier to hear and understand. Its applications span numerous sectors, including defense, healthcare, and manufacturing, where it plays a crucial role in enhancing speech quality amidst challenging, noisy environments.

 Speech enhancement technology not only makes the spoken input clearer by removing background noise but also ensures that the output is more accurate. This improvement in clarity makes voice recognition more reliable across different noisy environments and industries where accuracy is non-negotiable.

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Speech Enhancement is a critical tool, especially when it comes to giving voice commands or voice dictation in a challenging audio environment. Its implementation becomes a strategic choice for a company aiming to significantly enhance the user experience by ensuring optimal performance despite varying or noisy acoustic conditions.

Speech Enhancement for Factories

In manufacturing environments, where machinery noise can impede clear interaction with devices and software, speech enhancement technology plays a crucial role.

Filtering out the background noise
Allowing clearer transmission of voice commands. This not only boosts efficiency, ensuring that instructions and updates are conveyed accurately, but it also substantially elevates safety measures. Furthermore, by drastically reducing the risk of errors, it plays a pivotal role in preventing accidents and promoting a seamless operational flow on the production floor.
robotic arm systems

Speech Enhancement
for Supply Chain

 In logistics, speech enhancement technology significantly improves the efficiency of tracking and managing inventory.

Enabling workers to communicate effectively with their devices and software and be understood perfectly

even in environments filled with background noise such as warehouses or transportation hubs. This technology ensures that verbal instructions for stock management, order processing, and delivery schedules are clearly understood, reducing errors and enhancing operational efficiency. Clear interaction facilitated by speech enhancement helps maintain accurate inventory levels and streamlines the logistics process, leading to faster and more reliable service delivery.

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Why should you choose our secured Voice Dictation solution?

Enhanced Speech Recognition Accuracy

 By filtering noise out, speech enhancement improves the performance of speech recognition. This is crucial for voice-controlled systems, and automated transcription solutions. Our advanced spectral processing techniques meticulously refine the audio spectrum, ensuring every note and nuance is captured and enhanced. Experience the full range of human speech frequencies like never before. Our spectral enhancement tools are tailored to accentuate important speech components, reducing background noise and improving the signal-to-noise ratio. The result? Speech that’s not just louder but clearer and more intelligible.

Encouraging User Adoption and Trust in Technology

By improving the quality and reliability of voice-based interfaces and systems, speech enhancement indirectly fosters greater trust and adoption among users. This can accelerate the acceptance of speech technologies and encourage more people to use voice-driven applications, contributing to technological advancement and digital inclusion. Quality is crucial in professional environments, and removing frustration means better adoption for users, whether they are employees or final customers.

Improving the User Experience and Avoiding Frustration

Speech enhancement technology significantly improves the user experience and avoids frustrations across multiple dimensions, particularly in enhancing interactions with smart devices and in noisy environments. 

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More information

Speech enhancement aims to emphasize important speech components while reducing noise. This can involve techniques like:

  • Spectral Subtraction, which estimates the noise spectrum during speech pauses and subtracts it from the entire signal to reduce noise.
  • Wiener Filtering, which uses statistical approaches to minimize the mean square error between the estimated clean speech signal and the actual one.

Spectral Masking, where certain frequency components are selectively attenuated or enhanced based on their importance to speech intelligibility and the presence of noise.

Advanced Techniques:
Advancements in machine learning and deep neural networks have led to the development of more sophisticated speech enhancement algorithms. These models can learn complex mappings between noisy and clean speech signals, offering significant improvements over traditional methods, especially in non-stationary noise environments.
In summary, speech enhancement encompasses a wide range of techniques aimed at improving the clarity and intelligibility of speech in noisy conditions. By manipulating the spectral components of speech and employing advanced algorithms, these techniques strive to deliver clearer communication in various applications.

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