Company Name: Smart & Connective
Date: April 2021
Technologies: Multilingual ASR

Smart & Connective, is an automated IoT solution to transform a regular building into a smart building, whatever the industry. With Smart & Connective, it has never been easier to quickly realize energy savings and to help the maintenance and service teams towards a better organization. With Vivoka, the company takes a step ahead in offering voice smart building.

Voice Smart Building made to enhance energy savings and user experience.

Voice commands make it easy and intuitive for end-users or maintenance teams to use the installed equipments and features inside smart buildings.

Today's accommodations need to take into account health issues, even more with pandemics such as COVID-19. Voice allows users to touchlessly interact with their surrounding, avoiding switches, panels, keyboards or screens.

Smart & Connective, creating value through scalabe IoT solutions.

With 20 years of experience in both software and hardware, home-automation and smart building solution, Smart & Connective is able to provide highly effective tools to face your company’s challenges. Its goal is to offer reliable, flexible and simple tools to give you full control of your building and cut your energy costs. With GreenTech’s DNA at the heart of its operations, Smart & Connective is always innovating to change the way accommodations impact our environment and its occupants.

As many other players in the tech industry, Smart & Connective is always looking for new features to enhance its solutions capacities. Evolving in the crowded market of IoT-based services, the company needs, in addition of its already-competitive solution, to reinvent itself and find new markets with specific needs and desires.

Addressing solutions to a wide variety of accommodations, Smart & Connective ultimately came upon the hospitality or healthcare industries. Unlike regular buildings, these accommodations host specific publics with special needs and expectations. This is where voice smart building came as a centric feature to enhance both usability and value of the solutions.

A Voice Smart Building solution proudly powered by Vivoka

Smart & Connective’s core solution is to manage and operate buidlings with smart devices and powerful systems to grant both power savings and increased efficiency for the staff. For specific accommodations, tenants have also the ability to control their environment with Smart & Connective solutions, in this case through speech recognition.

The voice commands thus realized and integrated are developed with the Voice Development Kit, Vivoka’s speech development kit. In particular, it was used to configure an ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) engine with domain-specialized grammar in order to fully operate inside a voice smart building basic features.

Voice Synthesis Embedded Logo VDK Vivoka

Voice Smart Building Devices Control

Part of the embedded voice commands is meant to operate connected devices dispatched around the voice smart building. This concerns for instance lightings, HVAC or shutters with actions (open, shut, increase, decrease) with diversified terms thanks to our grammar-based ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) that allows many synonyms.

Icon Speech 1

Voice-enabled User's Routine

Apart from IoT devices, specific accommodations have other systems regarding their nature. For instance, in hospitality services, rooms come with “do not disturb” or request cleaning features that are actionnable by users with voice. In healthcare facilities, other features destined to personal care are implemented such as asking for help or alerts in case of any change in behavioral habits.

“We chose to integrate Vivoka’s technology for the voice command option of our solution because we share the same values in terms of innovation and simplification of technology use. The technical quality and responsiveness of the teams are among the reasons why we are privileged partners today.”


CEO, Smart & Connective

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