Metz, France

System admin

All companies that work with machine learning algorithms require large amounts of data to train their models. Unfortunately, there is currently no completely satisfactory solution. To address this challenge, we are launching our own platform that allows companies to collect data from a community of paid users for the purpose of producing and verifying this data. We use blockchain technology because it allows us to achieve hard-to-reach goals, such as raising a quality community, paying users across the world, ensuring the security of user funds, and tracking data.

Your mission

We are looking for a versatile profile who will be required to perform multiple functions within Vivoka as manage our cloud infrastructure, support the development teams, develop and implement security policies.
  • Maintain and evolve the project infrastructure (AWS).
  • Assist in setting up the platform monitoring system.
  • Monitor our systems and react in case of anomalies.
  • Secure our solution and implement security policies.
  • Work in collaboration with the others teams.

Required skills

  • Strong understanding of AWS (lambda, API Gateway, S3, VPC, etc.).
  • Good knowledge of Terraform, Gitlab CI/CD and Docker.
  • Strong understanding of blockchain technologies.
  • Good general knowledge of security.
  • Good analytical skills, ability to understand and resolve anomalies.
  • Autonomous and good at priorities management.

Job’s benefits

  • You will join a new team to develop an innovative project at the frontier of many fields (blockchain, machine learning, etc.).
  • The project is still in its early stages, and your contribution will have a significant impact on its success.
  • You will work on a highly attractive project with experienced engineers and innovative technologies.

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