2023: Vivoka is XR-Ready, are you?

Augmented, Virtual or even Mixed Reality are no strangers to Vivoka. 2022 was a first step for the company in the enterprise-XR. In 2023, we are going even further in the field to help companies and consumers adopt this amazing technology and its use cases.


Business in 2022 pursuing in 2023


Starting in mid-2021, we made our first steps in the XR field with the one and only Vuzix as our first production-ready customer. With this first big success, we continued upstream with the acquisition of other device manufacturers that were most certainly convinced of the results Vuzix got from our collaboration. Digilens, Rokid, Almer are some of the new players using the VDK as the go-to software when “talking” voice. 


Device manufacturers are not our only good fit, integrators as well are finding their interests within our software, AMA Xpert Eye for instance has been using our advanced voice stack to enhance its customer experience and build new voice-enabled solutions.


With this first track record, we are more than confident that 2023 will make us shine as the reference in voice technologies for, enterprise or not, XR wearables. Why so?


  • We have field expertise and customers’ trust.
  • We know the use cases that give quick ROI.
  • We have the best language support (up to 40 languages, all embedded).
  • We have more than just voice commands (wake words, text-to-speech, voice biometrics…).
  • We can support advanced voice features, all on the device, to comply with service reliability and data regulation..


A name to recognize in the field


Vivoka is not only a leading provider in the making, it is also an active player in XR thought-leadership and networking. Our beloved sales representative, Ingrid MAES, has been nominated French President of the VR/AR Association (VRARA), an impactful group of professionals and inspiring people, actively working to define the future of XR.


The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA) is also on Vivoka’s bucket list this year. It will allow our company to focus even more in the ecosystem decision-making process. In fact, we have business knowledge that could benefit most of these professionals and we need, as a company and as innovators, to share this as much as we can to bolster XR innovation rate.


Sharing expertise online, for everyone to take advantage of


We began that work in 2022 but will take a step further this year with new resources about our findings. Indeed, new topics will be uncovered, from understanding XR wearables form factors to creating the best voice experience for field workers, we got things covered. You can expect webinars with our partners and connections in the ecosystem as well. 


Oh and don’t forget to stay tuned already, the content we are talking about will be released earlier than you think!


Our position in the industry is evolving, so does the VDK…


XR is evolving fast, not only because of the hype around the Metaverse and the blockchain, but for the only reason that companies are growing too. New technologies are making their way into businesses so, as a software provider, we have to make sure that we are not adding any struggle to our customer’s. 


In this philosophy, we are actively working to become fully cross platform for the XR ecosystem. This means adding new programming bridges between our current stack and new languages as well as new developing environments such as Unity or OpenXR. 


XR devices are facing a design challenge that is to be powerful enough to host many technologies and being lightweight, near seamless for the user. Hardware capacities are improving, that is a fact. But we also have responsibilities on the software side, even more when specialized in embedded systems, and we will take these responsibilities.


Becoming more powerful, more seamless for the user but also easier to be integrated and deployed as a technology. Our approach to a low-code environment is still on its way, VDK will grow in this direction for the year to come.

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