Company Name: ZoraBots
Date: Jan 2021
Technologies: Multilingual ASRText-to-Speech (TTS)

Robin is a small humanoied robot imagined to accompany the first steps of students in learning STEAM. Its creator, Zorabots, uses the Voice Development Kit to voice-enable the robot interactivity with the user.

The ambitions of a voice-activated education robot

A Voice-Activated Robot enhance the abilities and ergonomics of use in order to deliver the best features.

Using speech as a way of use is the key to develop the role of Robin as a learning solution, especially with young users.

Zorabots, improving lives throught smart robotics

To develop solutions that allow humanoid and social robots to improve the daily life of individuals is the mission behind the creation of ZoraBots. The company has developed ZBOS, a unique platform capable of unleashing the power of virtually every robot on the market today, as well as of those who will be born tomorrow. It is with this objective in mind that Zorabots has developed the Robin project. 

Robin is a small humanoid robot imagined to accompany the first steps of the students in the programming and the use of new technologies. He is also the perfect assistant for teachers who wish to arouse their student’s enthusiasm in their career paths (Science, technology, mathematics, engineering…).

And it is in this sense that the use of speech recognition takes on its full meaning. Enabling the robot to act on voice commands with great precision is essential. Imagine a voice-activated robot capable of understanding and transcribing all the instructions that are dictated to it, or even to recognize students, load their data or work. Robin, to be a great assistant, must also be equipped with a reliable voice recognition solution.

A solution proudly powered by Vivoka

Our embedded voice technology (100% offline) allows Zorabots to vocalize Robin. This integration is a key feature in the development of this educational robot. Indeed, strenghtening the humain-machine relationship is essential for a robot whom purpose is to support individuals and most of all students in their routine.

The voice commands thus realized and integrated are developed with the Voice Development Kit, Vivoka’s speech development kit. In particular, it was used to configure an ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) engine and a Text-to-Speech (voice synthesis) embedded inside Robin with minimal use of its processor.

“Our ambition is to offer solutions that bring together the best technologies while remaining as universal as possible. Interoperability between several solutions must be invisible to the user. This is the challenge! Today, ZBOS embeds TTS (Text To Speech) and ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) solutions. In this sense, we have found with Vivoka a technology that works very well, reliable and up to our needs and challenges.”

Tommy Deblieck

CEO, Zorabots

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