Vivoka and ReadSpeaker partner on Embedded Speech Solutions

The Voice Development Kit from Vivoka now features ReadSpeaker’s embedded TTS.

Vivoka’s Voice Development Kit, which currently empowers thousands of devices with embedded voice technologies, now offers ReadSpeaker’s lifelike neural text-to-speech (TTS) voices to companies leading the way in the voice AI world.

Vivoka is currently the only solution that aggregates an exhaustive range of embedded voice technologies from multiple providers and proprietary R&D, giving companies and developers the ability to easily benchmark, develop and test their use cases through a single product: the Voice Development Kit. Equipped with a user-friendly graphical interface, the solution removes complexity from voice projects with powerful workflows and widgets making voice-based Human-Machine Interactions (HMI) a reachable reality.

Currently providing voice to different businesses in IoT, Consumer Electronics, Robotics, Industry 4.0, Mobility, and Aerospace, Vivoka is now empowering its state-of-the-art voice commands with embedded neural synthetic voices from ReadSpeaker.

With over 20 years’ experience, ReadSpeaker is the most trusted independent text-to-speech partner for global brands, providing over 110 lifelike voices in 35+ languages. The ReadSpeaker VoiceLab offers sophisticated AI-based text-to-speech solutions and expert hands-on assistance to create the most engaging voice interfaces thanks to custom branded voices designed for industry leaders including the  audio streaming and media services provider, Spotify.

Synthetic speech plays an essential role in speech-enabled interactions: engaging and delighting users. Clear and expressive, AI-powered neural TTS voices enable brands, companies, and organizations to deliver enhanced end-user experiences and offer ways of interacting with services, applications, devices, or content that meet the varying needs and desires of individual users.

“We are excited about the innovative vision Vivoka brings to the embedded voice experience space”, said Roy Lindemann, CMO and CCO EMEA, at ReadSpeaker. “We look forward to hearing ReadSpeaker’s easy-to-deploy, small-footprint high-quality voices bringing embedded applications developed on the Voice Development Kit to life across industries.”

The partnership between ReadSpeaker and Vivoka focuses on embedded text-to-speech. Unlike cloud solutions, which require an internet connection, embedded solutions work anywhere, anytime, even on small devices. Vivoka and ReadSpeaker’s technological prowess makes it possible to voice-enable everything with high-quality, personalized voices, giving inanimate objects a whole new world of interactions and changing the relationship users will have with them in the – not so distant – future.

“At Vivoka, we truly believe in a world where voice is not only something humans are capable of. We are convinced that interactions between users and products or services will change through solutions like ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech that are able to give human-like interactions to everything. This partnership marks the beginning of new possibilities for our customers.” said William SIMONIN, Vivoka’s CEO and Co-founder.

About Vivoka

Vivoka is a French company located in Metz and founded in 2015 by William SIMONIN. Thanks to its innovative solutions, Vivoka has become the French leader in voice recognition with the Voice Development Kit. It allows any company and developer to configure an embedded voice assistant composed of one or more offline voice technologies in record time. Vivoka won the coveted Innovation Award at CES 2019. A feat it repeated by winning the Innovation Award in the Smart Cities category at CES 2020. Accompanied by a dynamic team of about 30 employees, Vivoka has managed to double the number of its customers this past year.

About ReadSpeaker is dedicated to helping brands and marketers capitalize on the emerging growth in AI-driven business applications. is owned and operated by ReadSpeaker B.V., the leading provider of text to speech solutions with a 20-year history of Pioneering Voice Technology. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Victoria Newell – V2 Communications for ReadSpeaker
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