Do you need voice technologies ? We have the solution.

Vivoka is a software publisher specialized in voice technology. Easily integrate voice into your projects through our tool : Voice Development Kit.

25 minutes to create a voice interface with VDK!

Discover how these few minutes are enough to create a voice assistant capable of understanding and responding to the user (ASR and TTS)!

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Integrating voice technologies starts here

Vivoka is a French company with 5 years of expertise in the field of speech technologies (speech recognition, voice synthesis, voice biometrics…). Its objective is to offer relevant and adapted solutions to companies wishing to invest in voice interfaces for their business.

To this end, Vivoka covers all the emerging needs of a voice project through a solution: the Voice Development Kit. This development kit with a graphical interface enables companies to develop and integrate embedded voice technologies quickly and easily. Vivoka also has development and integration skills to support and train its clients.


Developing an embedded voice assistant (ASR/STT, TTS...) in record time is now possible thanks to the Voice Development Kit, the only simple and optimized software development kit (SDK) with an intuitive graphical interface.


Our customers come from similar sectors of activity, so the use cases realized through voice solutions are very varied. This diversity represents the strong potential of speech recognition or speech synthesis in professional environments.

Each company has its own needs and constraints that will make each project unique.

Vivoka technology awarded several CES Innovation Awards


Speech solutions being a set of complex technologies, our role as an expert is to provide a reading grid in order to understand your environment.

In order to truly democratize speech recognition, educating the various stakeholders is a key mission.

To do so, we produce different contents dedicated to this topic and those related to it. Fast and easy to read, they allow you to stay up to date with the latest news and improve your knowledge!